Dog bows

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There are many dogs that as a complement to go more cute or elegant have a bow or bow on the top of their heads. Mainly small dogs like the Schnauzer, Poodles or Yorkshires due to lake and fine hair, which is suitable for these purposes.

However, putting bows on dogs is not always a good idea, since some may feel annoyed due to the strange sensation that it causes them to constantly wear something on their heads. They do not understand that it is a bow or a bow to go more handsome, they just notice something there that should not be.

We will explain the benefits and drawbacks of putting a bow on our dog, also how to do it so that it does not feel uncomfortable and what details we need to take into account, so that our puppy is happy.

dog with bow

How to make dog bows step by step

Although it may sound strange, there are many people who not only do not know how to tie their dog, but are ignorantly able to use tweezers or even adhesives that can cause much discomfort and pain to the dog.

It is important to know how to make dog bows or ties correctly, to avoid damaging them when wearing them and to make them comfortable with them. Let’s not forget that dogs do not need to have bows to be handsome … they are whims of humans.

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How to put on dog bows

We cannot put a bow on a short-haired dog because it is simply not possible, although some people without soul or heart use stickers … It is not the right thing, as it hurts the dog.

Long-haired dogs such as Yorkshire Or the Schnauzer can wear a bow without problems, we just have to brush and comb them so that their hair is ready and floor.

Then we will take a rubber or garter and we will make a small coconut or collected (pigtail) on the top of the head, we must avoid doing them in the area of ​​the ears because their ears are excessively sensitive and surely they would be very uncomfortable.

Once caught a little hair with the rubber, we will proceed to place the bow or bow with the help of a clip, as seen in the video. In this way the bow will be subject and our dog will be more elegant and cute.

steps to tie a dog

Is it wrong to put bows on dogs?

At a particular level we do not recommend putting bows on dogs, because we want it or not it is something that bothers them. Many dogs start scratching thinking they have some kind of insect, others just become resigned but uncomfortable.

Making our dog cuckoo is totally unnecessary, they are already beautiful enough without having to wear a bow. We do not recommend putting a bow / bow on any dog, whether female or male. Nor do we see the point of putting a bow on a male dog, but each with their hobbies.

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If you are going to put a bow on your dog yes or yes, then try to do it since he is a puppy so he can get used to it and not be so annoying for him. Give him a prize when you put it on so he knows it’s a good thing, even if it bothers him (it will bother him). And if you notice that he scratches, try to take it off or he feels uncomfortable … please take it off.

It’s not a bad thing to put a bow on a dog, but it’s not good either, it’s just something uncomfortable for the dog.