Intelligence test for dogs Do you dare?

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dog in class

We all know that dogs are very intelligent animals, capable of surprising us with their actions, expertise and logic. It is not an intelligence comparable to that of humans, although sometimes they exceed it, everything must be said, that is why we have created this simple intelligence test for dogs.

Remember there smarter dog breeds than others simply because of genetics, although it is good to remember that the most intelligent dogs are those that have been well socialized, educated and stimulated since puppies.

Do you dare to take our canine intelligence test? If the results are not what you expected, don’t worry. A dog is a life partner, it is enough that you give us your love and respect, it is not necessary that it is Einstein. However, it can be very fun and interesting to take the test.

Test results according to score obtained in the Intelligence test

Now it is time to know the results of the tests carried out on your dog, based on the score obtained, your dog will be more or less intelligent. Remember that you must add the scores of the previous five tests to be able to measure your score.

  • Between 21 and 25 points: Congratulations!! Your puppy is a genius.
  • Between 16 and 20 points: Congratulations!! Your dog has above average intelligence.
  • Between 10 and 15 points: Brilliant!! Your puppy is on average canine intelligence.
  • Less than 10 points: Bravo!! Your dog will not be an engineer but it sure has a big heart.
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Did you like the results? Remember that nothing really matters how smart your dog is, nor the results of this intelligence test, what really matters is how much you love him and how much he loves you. A dog is never going to be a graduate, do not worry if your score has gone a little low.

This intelligence test has no scientific basis whatsoever, it is a nice way to have a good time with our dog and measure his abilities. The intelligence of a dog is actually comparable to that of a human of three or four years of age, but its memory is far superior.