I think of meat or fish, which one to choose?

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Depending on the person you ask, it will indicate that the meat feed is much better than the fish feed, or conversely, that the fish feed is better than the meat feed. There are many opinions regarding this question and the curious thing is that they are all right.

Dogs are carnivorous animals by nature, which means they must eat meat to feed properly. But meat can be as much from an animal as from a fish, since both contain a large amount of proteins, fats and essential amino acids for any dog.

A healthy dog ​​can eat feed formulated from any source of animal protein, including of course fish. What we should avoid is to feed our dog only with vegetable proteins, since vegetarian dogs…. they do not exist, they must always eat meat or fish.

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Dog food formulated with Fish

Feed that uses fish as a source of protein is usually indicated in dogs with food intolerances (to rule out allergies or intolerances to meat products). They are also recommended for dogs with digestive sensitivity, since proteins are highly assimilable and facilitate digestion.

Dogs with skin problems or poor gloss in their hair are also recommended to take fish-based feed, mainly salmon, since it contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, highly beneficial for our dog’s body.

red tuna and salmon

However, it is not necessary that our dog has an intolerance or skin problem to feed him with fish. Since it is also indicated for healthy dogs, it is an excellent source of protein and many dogs go wild with joy simply smelling their fish feed.

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If our dog is healthy, it is advisable to vary in feed from time to time. The ideal is to keep the same brand, if it works well for us, but rotate in basic foods. That is, if our dog has been eating one of two or three months the best dog food on the market With a chicken base, surely if we change it for a few months to one of fish, it will love it. In the variety is the spice.meat

I think for dogs formulated with Meat

Among the different options of feed made from meat, we must focus on which one our dog likes best and, of course, the one that best suits him.

Many times we get carried away by advertising and we choose the feed almost thinking more about whether we would like us than our own dog. Dogs love meat, mainly chicken and lamb, although we can also find beef feed.

The ideal is to start feeding our dog a chicken-based feed as a source of animal protein, since chicken is highly digestible and has a taste that dogs generally love. Although lamb or veal are just as appealing to them and highly nutritious.

Although chicken is an excellent source of protein, the ideal is to alternate with another feed made with a different meat or fish, to prevent our dog from getting bored with its food. Can you imagine spending a whole year eating the same thing, day after day? ? That is why it is recommended to vary every two or three months.

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As with fish-based feed, our dog does not need to be sick to eat this type of feed. Healthy dogs can also enjoy all the nutritional benefits it brings.

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If my dog ​​has intolerances, what should I do?

Obviously it is always advisable to go to a veterinaryn, to guide us on how we should be choosing their diet to rule out food allergies. Or even to prescribe medication for our dog, if you deem it necessary (let’s not forget that not all allergies are food, there are also environmental allergies).

In the case of suspecting that it may be a food allergy, we must try different feeds, with different compositions, until we find the right one, the one that suits him. In this way we can discard possible foods that are not tolerated.

As an example, if our dog has diarrhea or skin problems due to an allergy or intolerance, the ideal is to use a feed that contains a single source of anima protein. In this way, if the feed contains lamb and it does not feel bad, we will know that the lamb assimilates it well and that we can feed it with feed made from this meat.

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The important thing is to write down all the changes that we are making in your diet, to discard products. Our vet can give us guidelines to follow if we have questions.

Remember that to verify the effectiveness of a feed against intolerances, it must be tested for at least eight weeks. In the event that the dog worsens, obviously we must go to the vet for a new review, but the usual thing if we have found the right feed is that it improves progressively.