How to Train a Schnauzer

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schnauzer dog

Those of us who have the privilege of sharing our life with a Schnauzer know how important their education is, since they are very active, energetic and quite stubborn dogs.

By training a Schnauzer as a puppy we ensure that when he is an adult he will respect the basic rules of coexistence and will obey us when we indicate an order.

Putting these simple tips into practice we will ensure correct training that will result in a social, balanced and obedient dog. From Dogsis we make it easy for you.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Schnauzer Character
  • 2 Basic techniques of domination
  • 3 Schnauzer dog socialization
  • 4 Basic training orders
  • 5 Tips on your education

Schnauzer Character

It does not matter if we are talking about a small, medium or giant Schnauzer since they all share the same strong and highly vital character. Regardless of size, this breed is full of life and energy that it needs to release.

They are known for being very stubborn, how good Terriers they are. Something that should not be a problem as long as they receive an adequate education.

The Schnauzer is a hunter par excellence, a dog with a lot of energy and a strong character that will sometimes try to give us a pulse. Even in its smallest size, this breed is known to be an excellent keeper.

And precisely for all this, his strength, his energy and his temperament, we must make a great effort to train him correctly from his youth. Since otherwise we could raise an unbalanced and dangerous dog, as it happens with any strong breed.

schnauzer in the field

Basic techniques of domination

Being the alpha male is something that is very fashionable but that does not mean what people think at a general level. It simply means letting the Schnauzer dog know its position in the family, in the pack.

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For this, it will be enough to acquire some simple and positive habits that will make your place known, without having to make any effort. Apply them since you are a puppy and you will never have dominance problems.

  • Do not let your Schnauzer climb on the sofa, armchair or your bed. Adapt a bed for him or a couple if you want (living room and bedroom) so that he knows where he can sleep and rest.
  • Do not let him enter or leave the house before you or the rest of your family, he must always wait for humans to come first.
  • Do not let it climb on you or jump, or you or anyone: How to prevent a dog from jumping on people.
  • Before feeding him, hold his feeder with your hand and instruct him to sit down. When he sits down, leave the feeder on the floor but don’t let him eat until he looks you directly in the eye, when he does, give him the order to eat or permission to do so.
  • While he eats, reach into his feeder and feed him sometimes from your hand (be careful, as a puppy, if you’re an adult be careful). He must get used to the fact that you can touch his food whenever you want.
  • On the first walks and until you learn to walk, try to use a non-extendable strap, that is, a short strap.

Although they seem absurd norms, the dogs understand them perfectly knowing their position in the hierarchy.

Schnauzer dog socialization

One of the most important steps during the education of any dog ​​is knowing how to integrate into its environment, with the means that surround it: With other humans, other dogs, other animals and their daily environment. That is called socialization.

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Try to take your Schnauzer puppy for a walk as soon as he has his mandatory vaccinations set, so you can begin to know the environment around you. It is super important that you go to centers, parks or meeting places where other dogs can greet him and play with him.

As important as playing with other dogs on a daily basis, it is important that you get to know other species of animals, plants and habitats that surround you, so that you learn to respect them from a very young age.

With this we will not only make our dog balanced and respectful, but it will also be less scary and fearful.

schnauzer with a stick

Basic training orders

Although we all imagine the super obedient dog that fulfills all orders and knows how to do thousands of tricks, the truth is that we simply must focus on three orders during its first year of life.

These three orders are essential to avoid situations of risk or danger, both for our dog and for other dogs, people or animals.

When training a Schnauzer, the first thing we must teach is to answer our call, leaving absolutely everything he is doing aside and focusing solely and exclusively on being by our side: How to teach a dog to come to our call.

If our dog is about to enter or force a fight between dogs, if he is going to cross a busy road, if he is in danger or in any other situation … It will be essential that he come to our call so that we can catch him on his leash.

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That is why this order must be paramount in your education and it is not only enough that it comes from time to time, since a pissed off Schnauzer can be a danger, you must always and without exception come.

The other two orders that you must teach him above all others, is to sit down and drop what you have in your mouth. This will get you out of a lot of trouble and dangerous situations.

  • How to teach a dog to drop what is in its mouth

Tips on your education

So that your dog is balanced and does not suffer from stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc … We must make it feel fulfilled, fulfilled and satiated in all its needs.

For this it is mandatory to go for a walk with him daily and exercise him, we can exercise with him or we can force him to exercise by throwing a ball or stick to pick it up. The main cause of imbalance in dogs is precisely excess energy, so we must spend our dog’s daily.

Proper feeding is another great point in our favor, so we will avoid spending the day looking for food. Something that comes standard as it is one of your basic instincts, set a few meal times and always respect them.

Avoid scolding him and never use physical force with him, a dog never hits him because he will learn that violence is an option. When you do something right, use positive reinforcement, and when you do something wrong, correct it.

With these simple tips you will make your Schnauzer an obedient and very balanced dog, with which you can enjoy your day to day happily.