How to train a Pitbull – Guide and practical advice

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When we have a dog as strong and powerful as a Pit Bull, there is no excuse for not training it properly. What’s more, if for any reason you don’t have the time or knowledge, please go to a professional.

It is absolutely necessary that educate your American Pitbull terrier well, since it is a very impulsive breed and could give us some fright if it is not educated.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to train an American Pitbull terrier?
    • 1.1 The best training technique: Positive reinforcement
  • 2 Fundamental training for a Pitbull dog
    • 2.1 How to teach a Pit Bull to come to our call
    • 2.2 Learning to sit to order
    • 2.3 Educate a Pit Bull to lie on the ground
  • 3 Why is it so important to teach him these things?
    • 3.1 What to do if I can’t teach you education?
    • 3.2 What should I never teach my Pitbull?

How to train an American Pitbull terrier?

We must start with his education as a puppy, although obviously with a lot of patience and affection. Puppies don’t want to learn anything, just eat and play so don’t despair.

Generally we should wait three or four months to live before starting the most basic things, being from the year when we must take their education very seriously.

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training session of a pit bull

The best training technique: Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the most widely used dog education technique in the world, as it is the most effective and least aggressive. All the dogs they respond well before this technique, so do not hesitate to implement.

It consists in giving a prize (a trinket or dog biscuit) to our pitbull puppy or an adult dog when he does something right, how to obey the “sit down” command or just when he comes to our call.

The dog associates obedience to food in the form of a prize and learns quickly and eagerly, because food is The weak point of any dog. Remember never to use aggressiveness under any circumstances.

If your dog looks aggressive to you, or to other dogs or people, it will learn to be aggressive simply by imitation. So it is totally forbidden to punish a Pit Bull physically or in an aggressive mood.

Fundamental training for a Pitbull dog

We all know how much fun it is when a dog learns to turn around, play dead or get down on two legs trying imitate a human. But be smart and forget all this nonsense … what is really important is precisely the most basic.

How to teach a Pit Bull to come to our call

It will be enough to call him with his name and show him some food, a dog biscuit or a small piece of sausage can serve us. Dogs learn by repetition so we will repeat this daily.

When calling our Pitbull, when he comes we will congratulate him very much (positive reinforcement) and give him a small prize, a piece of food. In just a few days you will learn to always go to our flame.

The correct thing is to call him by his name and then give the order, for example “Thor, come here !!”. Although I learn in a few days, we must repeat this exercise constantly So that the order is well recorded and later, go even when other distractions occupy your mind.

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pit bull dog sitting to order

Learning to sit to order

Once again we will use food as a reward so that you can easily learn to sit down. The correct thing in these cases is call him by name and give him the order “Thor, sit down !!”. Obviously the dog won’t know what “sit” is so we’ll help him.

With the left hand we will hold the prize while with the right we will press on its back to force it to sit down. We will do it very gently, so that it is he who feels.

When you do, we will congratulate you and we will give you the prize. Sitting is very simple to teach and very, very practical.

Educate a Pit Bull to lie on the ground

Once our Pit bull you have learned the sit command well, which should generally take a couple of weeks with daily sessions half an hour of education, we can teach him to lie down.

Once you are seated, we will give you the order to lie down “Thor, lie down !!” And since he doesn’t know what to do, we will help him with the help of the food.

Sitting, we will put the prize in front of the Pitbull’s snout without letting it eat it. We will gradually move it away from its snout, lowering our hand to the ground and moving it away a little, so that instinctively lie down to eat the prize.

Once you lie down, we will congratulate you and give you the prize. It is really simple once you know how to sit.

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pitbull dogs playing

Why is it so important to teach him these things?

We insist, a Pitbull in addition to being a great life partner and a super loving dog with us, is also a very strong dog, impulsive and energetic, which can pose a danger if there are situations of tension.

Imagine that a stupid dog does not stop barking at our Pitbull or even provokes him to fight, or that our Pitbull sees someone suspicious and brings out his protective instinct…. What do you need him to know how to make the croquette or to know how to be seated, calm and quiet?

Teach a dog to sit and obey sitting whatever happens, it is the most important thing of all. Also, always come to our call, without exception. With these two orders well controlled, we will have a much calmer life with our Pitbull.

What to do if I can’t teach you education?

The American Pitbull terrier is somewhat stubborn at times, if you cannot teach him these orders yourself or he ignores you, you we strongly recommend you go to a dog trainer.

A handler can teach your dog, or help you teach him. And trust us, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to obey us, yes or yes.

What should I never teach my Pitbull?

Never, under any circumstances, teach your Pitbull aggressive tr
aining techniques
, how defense orders (attack, bite, bark, etc …).

Pitbulls are really strong dogs, if we teach them bad techniques they will be very dangerous dogs. Remember that when a dog attacks another dog or person, it is usually slaughtered. Do you want that future for your Pitbull?