How to separate two fighting dogs

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fighting dogs

Surely on some occasion you have seen two dogs growling excessively or even fighting each other, with the dangers that this entails. And yet you may not know how to act if this happens to your dog.

A fight between dogs is quite serious since the dogs do not bite and end the fight, but rather try to finish off their opponent. Either from the wounds caused or from suffocation, biting the neck. In a dogfight everyone loses, even the one who wins.

We are going to explain clearly and directly everything you need to know about dog fighting, how to avoid it and how to act in case you get involved in one. Remember, the most important thing is to stay calm and follow these steps.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​is fighting with another dog, what do I do?
  • 2 What should be done after a dog fight?
  • 3 Who is responsible in a dog fight?
  • 4 How to avoid a fight between dogs?

My dog ​​is fighting with another dog, what do I do?

The usual thing in these cases is that humans lose their nerves and act irresponsibly and disproportionately, this is undoubtedly the biggest mistake of all. We as responsible for the dog must remain calm at all times and act with caution, following these simple steps:

  • Correct your dog to tell him to stop fighting, give him the order to stop or come with you. It may sound absurd but well-behaved dogs listen and stop biting, fighting.
  • Use a hose with water To soak their heads, if you have a hose nearby, this is the safest way to make them separate. Water can be much more deterrent than you think.
  • With care that they don’t bite you, try kicking them apart. Both owners must be vigilant to catch your dogs as soon as they separate.
  • Talk to the other dog’s owner and together, each one takes his dog by the hind legs and lifts it up. This will make the dog lose his balance and release his prey, so that we can separate them if they are biting.
  • NEVER stick your hands between the dogs to try to separate them, because you will receive several bites for sure. Even your own dog can bite you by mistake.
  • NEVER rush on your dog to protect it, forming a shield on it. Because you will surely receive many bites.
  • Don’t lose the papers Don’t start screaming or crying because it will create a lot more tension and the fight will get even tougher. If your dog hears you cry, scream, or senses your nervousness, he will believe that you are being attacked and will become more violent / defensive.
  • If they get hooked on the bite, grab your dog by the hind legs and try to turn it, as if you wanted to knock it down on its belly. When they lose their balance they usually leave the dam and you can separate them. Let the owner of the other dog do the same thing simultaneously.
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If an agreement is not reached, it is best to call the police and let them decide. The correct thing is that the owner of the dog guilty of the fight, bears all the veterinary expenses of the affected / attacked dog and of course, his own.

If the guilty landlord doesn’t want to admit guilt or doesn’t want to take care of the costs, just call the police and file a complaint. Don’t face him directly, let the police do their job.

How to avoid a fight between dogs?

Each person is responsible for their dog and as such, responsible for its education. If our dog is properly educated and listens to us, it will be enough to ask him to sit down if we see that a dog is approaching with which he does not get along or that we suspect.

Keep him sitting and entertain him with a piece of stick, a toy, a dog treat, or something similar. Prevents them from looking intently into the eyes, prevents them from getting close to each other. When the other dog has passed, you can continue your doggy walk with no worries.

If your dog is not very well behaved and you suspect that there may be a confrontation, simply change direction or move a few meters away until the other dog passes. Prevents them from smelling, prevents them from looking into the eyes and prevents them from getting close.

The vast majority of dog fights are caused by the unconsciousness of their humans, who do not know how to avoid a dog fight. Or they trust themselves too much thinking that nothing happens because their dog is very good and always listens to them.

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The movement of your dog’s tail It can also give you a hint, dogs on tension or with the possibility of fighting, raise their tails and make them stiff. It is an innate system that they use to appear somewhat larger / taller. If your dog tails like this, tie him up, set him aside, and entertain him to relax.

Remember that size DOES MATTER, a small dog can provoke a much larger dog and cause a fight to ensue. Small dogs are not afraid of big ones, incredible as it may seem, and large dogs do not take into account when it comes to fighting… If you see a big difference in size and tension, avoid a fight from happening because the little one will end badly.

Common sense is our main ally when it comes to avoiding dogfights, if our dog is aggressive, rough or very nervous, we must be aware that this irritates many other dogs. If our dog is calm, kind and respectful … we should ask the owner of the other dog before letting them get together, play, etc … To make sure there will be no conflict.