How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping to say hello

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Surely on some occasion you have been walking quietly on the street and suddenly a dog has jumped on you to greet you, play games or get your attention. If the street is dry and the dog is clean it is usually not given much importance, but what happens if it has rained or the ground is dirty? Well, the dog will accidentally stain us completely with mud, dirt or water.

People who have a dog are not bothered by these acts, but many people who do not have a dog are very angry if our dog jumps on them to greet them and makes them dirty or scares them.

Preventing my dog ​​from jumping to greet people or to play is really easy. We must be patient and constant, in a short time we will see how our work pays off and our puppy stops doing those things. Let’s see what we have to do, explained step by step.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping: Why do they do it?
  • 2 How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping on people
  • 3 How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping on me
    • 3.1 Conclusions

How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping: Why do they do it?

Dogs jump on people for various reasons, although the most common of all is salute. Many puppies become excessively happy when they see their humans or people they know and to greet them, they run towards them and jump on them. It is a healthy and fun fitness, but the truth is that sometimes it can be annoying.

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Another reason why a dog jumps on people or on ourselves is the excess energy, except puppies, older dogs and sick dogs … The rest of dogs need to exercise daily, spend their energy and feel somewhat fulfilled. .

If a dog doesn’t release its energy, it can start to show strange behaviors like running wild around the house or jumping on top of people. If this is the reason, it will be enough to start with healthier routines that consist of more walks and more exercise outdoors.

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Playing or looking for a game is another reason why a dog jumps on people, whether they are known or not. There are very salty dogs that jump on anyone and some people may feel upset or scared.

Finally there is intimidation, if a dog is in protective mode and a person enters its territory (its home) it is possible that it comes out on it, although not with good intentions. In this case we must be quick to avoid a bite or something worse.

How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping on people

The first thing we must do to prevent our dog from jumping on people is to teach them not to jump even on us. Actually this is very simple to do, we just need to be patient and use the positive reinforcement to educate the dog.

If our dog is a puppy it will be much easier to teach him, although if he is an adult it will not cost us much. The exercise so that the dog does not jump on us or on other people consists of scolding him when he does.

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When the dog jumps on us we must say loud and firm “No!” followed by his name. If he continues to jump, we must turn around (with our backs turned to him) and completely ignore him. The dog when it jumps on us seeks to attract attention, ignoring it is the best way to make him understand that jumping will not attract our attention.

The same must be done when the dog jumps on a person, we must scold him. We should never hit him, although we can use a “toke” that consists of simulating a small bite on his side (as Cesar Millan, the dog charmer does).

How you see the technique is very simple, we simply must make the dog understand that jumping on people or on ourselves is not right. You will not receive attention for doing so, nor will you receive any kind of congratulations or prizes.

However, so that our dog knows how to identify what is right from what is wrong, we must pamper him and give him prizes when he does good things, for example, peeing outside the house, sitting at our command, etc….

How to prevent my dog ​​from jumping on me

Well in exactly the same way that we do it on others, we must ignore it when it jumps on us. The first time we should scold him, if he continues to do so…. Ignore It. It is very simple and in a short time it will give very positive results.

However, we will not advance anything with your education if for example we scold you when you jump on other people but we allow you to jump on us.

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Investigate why your dog jumps on you, if it is due to excess energy (then you should increase his daily exercise), if it is for greeting or playing (then put into practice the exposed advice) or if it is for protection (be careful if so, may be followed by a bite).

The best way to prevent this type of behavior is correctly educating our dog from puppy But if we have not done it or it has not been possible for us because we have already adopted it as an adult, with these simple tips you can change your behavior in just a few weeks.

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That a dog jumps on you or on other people playing is not really a bad thing, but we must understand that dogs are not always clean and that many people can be bothered by this behavior.

Applying the advice we have given we can eliminate this behavior in a few weeks, we just have to be insistent and have a lot of patience.

Once our dog has learned the lesson and stops jumping on people, we must stay firm and keep telling him that it is not okay if he repeats it in the future (something that he will surely do to see if he can do it or not, they always like to test ourselves).