How to Make a Homemade Dog Pool – Step by Step

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dog in pool

Global warming is causing summers to be longer and warmer, so it is about time we thought about making a homemade dog pool in our garden, so our dog can cool down whenever he wants.

The construction is actually very simple and we will hardly need a small budget, also depending on the size of our dog we will need a smaller or larger pool.

The purpose of making a home pool is to make our dog enjoy the summer heat more, taking a dip when he wants to cool off. Also, by doing it ourselves, it will not be a great expense.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to Make a Homemade Pool for Large Dogs with Pallets or Straw
  • 2 Important precautions in building a homemade dog pool
  • 3 Other ways to easily build a home dog pool

How to Make a Homemade Pool for Large Dogs with Pallets or Straw

The idea is very simple, we simply have to form a lateral structure with the pallets and screw them together with the help of the wood from other pallets. So that there is a kind of circle of the diameter and height that we want.

To elaborate this type of pool we will hardly need a budget since we can get the pallets for free in a large number of shops and large surfaces. The only thing that we must acquire is a waterproof fabric of a certain quality, so that it does not break easily.

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pallet pool structure

We recommend buying some type of rubbery waterproof fabric, they are a little thicker and better resist the strong nails of our dogs. Explaining the function of the fabric to the seller, he will be able to recommend the most appropriate one.

Once we have formed the lateral structure of the pool with the pallets and we have fastened them firmly together with screws or tapes, we can continue with the construction of the homemade dog pool.

home dog pool

Remember that the structure will support the weight of the water inside the pool, so doing the structure well is essential for the pool to be resistant. We will place the canvas on the structure holding it by the upper part so that it does not yield.

And ready, we already have a home pool so that our enjoyment of the hot summer days and do not suffer any heatstroke. Remember that if you build the pool under a tree, it will have part to spare all day, something even more beneficial.

straw pool for dogs

If we want to make it even easier, we should simply use bales of straw (pressed straw, the one used for livestock). The construction is very similar, we will create the structure with straw bales and once created we will cover it with the waterproof fabric.

It is important to find a good support for the upper part of the waterproof fabric, we can put it under the bales of straw so that its own weight holds it or anchor it to the ground.

pool dog ramp

Important precautions in building a homemade dog pool

There are two super important factors that we must take into account when manufacturing a pool for our dog. The first is that the pool must have a dog ladder or ramp, where the dog can enter and exit very easily whenever he wants.

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The second is that the pool should not be deep for the dog, although we can make a deeper part by changing the ground level (digging), most of the pool should not be deeper than the dog’s head.

These two points are extremely important to prevent our dog from drowning, having a hard time or destroying the pool trying to get out.

  • A dog ramp or ladder in the pool. It should be wide and visible to the dog.
  • A depth less than the size of the dog, which prevents the dog from drowning if not nothing.

On the other hand, a dog is in the water does not mean that the sun can not harm him if he is very strong. So if we build the pool next to a tree or put a good umbrella on it, our dog can cool off in the shade too.

The size of the dog is essential to create the pool, small dogs do not need giant pools, in the same way that large dogs will not cope well in an excessively small pool.

dog pool in hole

Other ways to easily build a home dog pool

If we do not want to use pallets or straw bales, we can simply dig a hole in the garden with the dimensions we want for the pool. Taking into account the depth and diameter.

Once we have the hole finished, we can put a pre-made folding pool inside it or simply cover the hole with a waterproof tarp to fill it after water.

Here it is also very important to leave a ladder in the pool so that the dog can enter and exit whenever he wants, a visible ramp is also a great option. Remember that non-expert dogs leaving the pools … if you do not make it easy for them, they will end up being overwhelmed and breaking part of the fabric to get out.

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