How to get a dog used to its new home (Practical advice)

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Adapting a dog to his new home is one of the biggest concerns when moving or adopting. Naturally, you want your new friend to feel safe and comfortable, but it’s also important that you set limits and rules from day one.

By following these simple tips, you can get your dog used to his new home correctly and safely. Let’s go there.

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Index of contents

  • 1 House scan
  • 2 Be patient
  • 3 Offer him his favorite food
  • 4 Create a routine
  • 5 Be loving
  • 6 How long does it take for a dog to adjust to its new home?
  • 7 Adapt to an Adopted Dog
  • 8 What to do if your puppy cries?

House scan

The first step in getting your dog to adjust to the new house is to allow him to explore it. If it’s a newly adopted dog, you’ll want to do it on your own, but if your family just moved in with the lifelong dog, they may very well try to follow you to feel safe.

In either case, you must first show you the places destined for your rest and food; from there, he watches his way through the new house, but allows him to explore freely and become familiar with the new smells.

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Be patient

One of the biggest drawbacks is that you move house and your dog does not want to relieve itself. You need to be patient and wait for him to feel comfortable, as pressing him to urinate or defecate will only increase his nervousness.

Whether indoors or outdoors, your dog can take up to 20 minutes to decide where he will relieve himself in a new neighborhood. Arm yourself with patience and don’t yell or scold him.


Offer him his favorite food

A good way for your dog to gain confidence is to serve him his favorite food. You may be reluctant to eat for the first few minutes, but then the smell will do the job.

In case it is a recently adopted dog, check with the previous handlers to make sure they like it and offer them a pleasant welcome experience.

Create a routine

Overcome on the day of the move, you need to create a routine for your dog, this way you can drain your nervousness through games and walks. In addition, you will set limits on meal times and when to relieve yourself.

In case it is a puppy, you should wait until it feels completely comfortable before starting the training.

Be loving

Affection is important for your dog to adapt to a new home. You and the whole family should accompany the process with caresses and pampering to comfort it. Use soft words to address him and accompany him in exploring new spaces, with his favorite toys.

In case there are people unknown to the dog in the new house, do not force him to approach them, as he will feel threatened and could become violent.

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How long does it take for a dog to adjust to its new home?

The average time it takes for a dog to get used to varies in each one, but it depends a lot on you. Some dogs may have a shy or nervous personality and take longer to feel comfortable in a new home. However, the role you play in making the process more enjoyable is crucial.

Generally speaking, when it comes to adapting a dog to its new home, it takes between 5 days and 2 weeks.

Adapt to an Adopted Dog

Adopting a dog involves several responsibilities, including making your new partner comfortable from the start. Some dogs, adults or puppies, take longer to get used to a new home when they are adopted.

It is important to remember that the dog has been removed from the familiar environment to take it to a completely new one, with people, smells, sounds and stimuli that are foreign to it. Given this, it is very possible that it shows a nervous behavior, urinate in inappropriate places and even refuse to eat.

If you adopted a dog and it doesn’t adapt, you need the support of the whole family to do it. Avoid forcing petting and respect the dog’s space, allowing it to dedicate itself to exploring the house within safe limits. In addition, it is important that, when you arrive at the house, you have a place to sleep, some toys and containers for food and drink; in this way, you will establish from the beginning what their space is.

What to do if your puppy cries?

Newly adopted puppies tend to whine at night, as they lament at being separated from their mother and siblings, who provided warmth at rest. This behavior is normal for the first few days, but it can become a problem if you don’t treat it properly.

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You should not run to comfort him when he cries, because you will only get him used to getting affection in the face of this negative behavior. The ideal is to provide a comfortable, fluffy and warm bed, in the company of a soft toy that pleases you.

  • Tricks to prevent a puppy from crying

Start the adaptation process during the day: lay him on his bed and walk away for 5 minutes, returning only when he stops crying. Continue the test by increasing the time up to 20 minutes, this exercise will contribute to the process of adapting a puppy dog ​​to his new home.