How to Clean a Dog Without Bathing – Easy and Super Effective

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dog in the bathtub

For your furry companion to feel happy and content, good hygiene is as important as proper nutrition and showing your love.

However, there is not always time to clean it thoroughly; at other times, such as after surgery, it may be contraindicated.

In those cases it is convenient to know what to do. Take note here of how to clean a dog without bathing and know which practices are not recommended at all.

Index of contents

  • 1 Wet toals
  • 2 Dry shampoo to clean a dog without bathing it
  • 3 Homemade dog deodorant
  • 4 What you should NOT use to clean your dog

Wet toals

One of the simplest solutions is to use a bath towel and moisten it to sanitize the dog. Although it is not a definitive solution to be able to clean it well, at a specific moment it can help you maintain its neat appearance and its smooth coat.

This technique is especially useful when the dog gets dirty only in a specific part of his body, due to mud or grass. Don’t forget to brush your hair before and after cleaning to leave it as well groomed as after a bath.

Dry shampoo to clean a dog without bathing it

If you share your life with one of these furry friends, you probably already know that there is a great offer of beauty treatments and products to keep it clean.

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Dry cleaning shampoo is one of them and can solve the problem of not being able to wet your dog.

Follow the following steps for a correct dry bath:

  1. It is essential to start with a good brushing. When you do, try to get rid of the knots that form on your coat to apply the product more easily.
  2. Then moisten a cotton cloth or wipe with warm water. Once this is done, pour the shampoo onto the cloth and clean the entire body of the dog. Do not leave any part unsanitized.
  3. If you see that the dirt has not finished coming out and that your dog needs a second pass, you can reapply the shampoo. Remember that you can use this product as many times as necessary.
  4. When it is clean, ideally you should brush the brush again. In this way you will eliminate any residue of the product that may be left on their fur and you will ensure that their hair remains smooth and without any residual moisture.

It never hurts to have these types of products at home, since they can get us out of a hurry. However, if you have not had time to go to the store, you can use a more homemade solution.

dog with towel

Homemade dog deodorant

On a daily basis it is normal for our furry companion to get dirty, especially after a long walk in open areas or when it rains. It is impossible to control each of their movements.

When you notice that it does not smell clean, a good solution is to have at your disposal a homemade deodorant, made with products that you will find in your pantry.

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It’s as simple as getting a spray bottle and filling it with one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water. One of the many properties of apple cider vinegar is that helps fight bad smells. Thanks to the application of this fragrance, Your special friend’s hair will be kept in good condition.

But be careful, when cleaning a dog without bathing you must be careful, because just as there are substances that can help you take care of their hygiene and health, others are not as beneficial.

Remember that dogs do not like the smell of vinegar, so do not abuse this practice too much.

What you should NOT use to clean your dog

Some products could be harmful to the dog. Therefore, it is important to know what they are to keep your furry as far as possible.

  • Commercial wet wipes. Humans often use them, but this type of cloth is not suitable for dogs. This is because they contain substances that could harm them, especially if they suffer from allergies, acral dermatitis or any type of skin related problem.
  • Dry shampoos not designed for dogs. A common mistake is to think that products created for humans can be used for dogs. This is particularly dangerous in the case of dry shampoos not designed for veterinary use. Using them could trigger a serious allergic reaction.
  • Conventional colonies. The fur of a dog is not prepared for a conventional colony. Its use can irritate the dog’s skin, so these types of products should be avoided.
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Bottom line: Bathing dry can be a way to get out of trouble in certain circumstances. However, you should prevent this practice from becoming habitual and not use products that could hurt him.

You can barely give your furry friend a full bath that you both enjoy and that helps him feel clean and grateful. And you, have you ever needed to dry clean it? How often do you usually sanitize it?