How to Give Bach Flowers to Dogs – Uses and Amounts

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dog with flowers bach

Within the traditional natural medicine for humans and animals, we can find Bach flowers for dogs, which are nothing other than the same flower essences of Bach for humans but with different dosages.

It is a set of specific flowers macerated and preserved in alcohol for human or animal consumption. In total there are thirty-eight different flowers that make up this floral group, each of them has different properties on various emotional states.

Let’s see what the consumption of Bach flowers is for, how we should administer it to our dog and when we can begin to notice results. All keeping in mind, that it is not a scientifically proven medicine.

Index of contents

  • 1 What are Bach flowers used for in dogs?
  • 2 How are Bach flowers used on a dog?
  • 3 When do you notice the effects of Bach flowers on the dog?
  • 4 Do Bach flowers work or are they a hoax?

What are Bach flowers used for in dogs?

Bach flowers are said to have specific properties to restore negative emotional aspects. That is, they are a kind of natural remedy to repair emotions that are not working as they should, or are negatively charged.

If our dog is sad, stressed, upset, grumpy, suffer from separation stress when we leave it alone at home, etc…. We can try to repair that state of mind with a simple natural treatment. All physical illness is said to have a mental origin, so a healthy mind is equivalent to a physically healthy dog.

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Each flower has a particular property or set of properties, and it does not matter if a different species is administered than necessary, since there are no known side effects. According to people who use these flowers as therapy for their dogs, they only provide benefits without causing any harm.

How are Bach flowers used on a dog?

The essence of the flower that we have chosen for our dog will come in a glass bottle with a dropper. The extract of the selected flower is stored with alcohol in said bottle to preserve it.

In general, four drops are used a day, but since it is surely a strong and unpleasant taste for our dog, it is best to dilute one ten drops in your drinking fountain every day (each day we must put new water and ten drops).

We must remember that alcohol is harmful to dogs, very toxic. So we should never exceed the recommended dose, as we could harm our dog instead of helping it to heal. Here you can get more complete info: Toxic dog food. dog taking bach flowers

Another way to administer the four drops daily is by adding them to their food, in this way the dog takes them without paying too much attention, mistaken for the usual smell of their food.

When do you notice the effects of Bach flowers on the dog?

No two therapies are the same, so there is no pre-established date to observe any benefit. Each dog is a particular case and while some can show improvement in a few weeks, others can take several months.

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Bach flowers are used to balance, repair and heal the emotions that do not work well in our dog, which for some reason are unbalanced. You just have to be patient and evaluate progress.

The best advice is to write down on a calendar when we start treatment and when we begin to notice progress. In this way we can evaluate the time it took our dog to show a little improvement and make a rule of three to know how long he should continue taking Bach flowers to fully recover.

Do Bach flowers work or are they a hoax?

There are opinions for all tastes in this field, there are those who claim to have noticed great improvements in their dogs using these treatments and those who say that it is as false as homeopathy or Reiki.

It is a traditional alternative medicine not scientifically verified. Plants such as chamomile, linden, peppermint, etc … have scientific evidence to verify their effects, but Bach flowers do not really have that support.

We invite you to share your experience with us through the comments or writing us an email. Your experience can help many other people.