How to Bath a Dog at Home – Complete Guide

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dog bathtub

All of us who fortunately enjoy the company of a dog, know how difficult it can be to bathe them… whether indoors, in a specialized center or in your garden. How to bathe an adult dog or puppy and not die trying? It is very simple, just follow the steps that we are going to explain in detail and you will see how in a short time you can bathe your puppy without the slightest problem.

Not all dogs inconvenience a good bath, but the truth is that most are not exactly docile when bathing. In addition to teaching you how to do your dog’s bath in a healthy, natural and crazy way … we will also see how often you have to bathe it, what shampoo we should use and what we should do after the bath. Do not hesitate to spend five minutes of your life reading this complete article, because believe me when I tell you that it will be very helpful.

If it helps you, you can take some of his toys to the bathtub to make him feel less tense, it is something that often helps. Remember to joke with him and play games and caresses him, what we seek is to have his mind deviated from the bathroom and focused on its owner and the games.

Now that we have our dog in the bathtub the expected time has come to start bathing, but…. What are we going to need to bathe it?

  • A specific Shampoo for dogs (never use shampoo or soap for humans, you must use a shampoo or special soap for dogs exclusively).
  • Dry towels for after the bath
  • A dryer
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We begin with the bath, we will take the bath hose (mocho, hose … in each place they call it in a different way) and we will regulate the temperature of the water so that it does not burn us, it must be warm pulling hot but without came to burn us.

Once the temperature is adjusted, it is advisable to put a little water on the wrist, as is done with baby bottles to determine that they are at a good temperature. Remember to remove the plug from the bathtub, we do not want it to fill or form a lake, the water must come out of the drain.

How to dry a dog after bathing it?

If we have a good day, where the temperature is pleasant or warm (above twenty-five degrees) we can take a walk with our dog to dry naturally, we can also dry it a bit with the towel and then take it for a walk .

If the temperature is not pleasant outside or we simply do not want to apply the walk option, we must dry our dog thoroughly, it must be dry to avoid catching cold and getting sick.

Ideally, dry it with dry towels, as many as necessary until it is more or less dry. We can let it shake a few times, that will help remove water from your hair and drying is quicker and more effective.

towel drying dog

Once we have finished with the towels, it is time to finish drying with the help of a dryer. Remember that drying blows excessively hot air, so never hit your dog too much, just use it to give it a jet of air and finish drying it without burning it. A good trick to avoid burning it, is to put our own hand in the area that we are drying.

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Remember that it is very important not to focus the dryer on our dog’s face, the dry air could dry out his eyes and his nose (nose), something that would bother him a lot. And with this…. Shall we finish drying? No. Now that our dog is dry, take some gauze pads and dry the inside of their ears (taking advantage to clean them and thus avoid a Otitis ). Now we have finished the drying process.

bathing a dog

How often should I bathe my dog?

Dogs have a thin layer of fat on their skin that they create naturally, this layer disappears with each bath and it takes a day or two to reappear after the bath. It is not recommended to bathe our dog very frequently on a regular basis … although if it has been heavily stained, it has lain down on a poop (something common in some dogs, scrubbing with the poo of other animals) or it just smells strong … we can bathe it although Little time has passed since your last bath.

Some breeds of dogs do not tolerate bathing well, such as Puli for example, although that is something you surely already know. Most mixed breeds and dogs tolerate regular baths well.

It is recommended to bathe your dog once a month, although there are people who do it every month and a half or two months. If your dog lives indoors with you, once a month is a very good option. If, on the other hand, you live in the garden, perhaps you can take a little longer without problems.

As in everything, using common sense is mandatory, if our dog lives inside the house, it is clean, it does not smell and by habit it does not usually stain on walks … because perhaps instead of a month, you can leave two months between bathing and bathroom.

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Remember to leave at least a couple of days after the bath, before putting the anti-parasite pipette on your dog to prevent you from getting fleas or ticks. If your dog wears a repellent collar such as Scalibor or the like, you can remove it during the bath to prevent it from getting wet.

bathing garden dog

Tips for bathing a dog

  • When your dog is dry and after a day or two of bathing, brush it again to remove dead hair. Remember to brush it before bathing it too.
  • Never forget to make the bathroom a game, enjoy bathing it and make your dog enjoy it too, it is very important.
  • Never bathe your dog right after it has eaten, between nerves and water it can cause a digestion cut. Wait at least three hours after your last meal.
  • If your dog is violent, or something naughty…. tying it with the strap is a good option and in extreme cases, you should put a muzzle on it.
  • If you don’t like bathing your dog, don’t do it, let a professional do it for you. They do not charge much money and they will leave the dog very clean.
  • Remember to use a specific soap for dogs, this is very important since their PH is very different from ours.
  • If your dog is still a puppy, you can take the opportunity to make bathing a super fun moment and never be afraid of bathing.
  • If your dog has an open wound or has recently undergone surgery, you should wait until it is completely healed.
  • If your dog is sick, you should wait until he is fully recovered before bathing him.