How do dogs reproduce? Explained step by step

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Surely you will have seen on two occasions two dogs mating, or a dog trying to mate with the leg of its owner … They are habitual acts in the canine world and as natural as life itself. But…. How do dogs reproduce? It is very simple although it consists of several parts that we will detail below.

As you will know all the non-sterilized bitches they have two jealousies a year, each usually lasts between 20 and 30 days, depending on races and sizes. It is during these stages of heat when they can get stuck and give us a lot of new puppies, something that can be a problem if they are not wanted. We are going to learn how dogs reproduce and also how to prevent your dog from getting stuck (pregnant).

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

It is not an exact science, some dogs take a little more time and others less. But generally, a dog’s pregnancy lasts between fifty-five and seventy days (55 to 70 days).

How many puppies will my dog ​​have if she gets pregnant?

Much depends on each breed and size of dog, it can have from one or two puppies to nine, ten or even more. It is impossible to determine exactly the number of puppies, although once they are pregnant your vet will be able to tell you with the help of an ultrasound.

VERY important note

There are over a million homeless dogs in our country alone. If you are not a dog breeder or do not know where you will be able to place the puppies…. PLEASE spay or neute your bitch. It is not fair to have a litter of puppies to later abandon or kill them, it is cruel, very cruel.

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Spaying will hardly cost you money and castration is very simple and common. If your dog is male, neuter it too, you will avoid it having a very bad time during the jealousy of the females and the cost is very low. Consult your vet.