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fox terrier dog

Although today it has become an excellent companion dog, originally it played a great role as a hunting dog for the search for foxes, hence its name Fox Terrier (fox means fox in English).

Super smart, loving and always wanting to play. Sometimes it has a hostile character towards dogs of other breeds, although generally never towards humans. Do you want to know more about this amazing breed? Keep reading.

Index of contents

  • 1 Fox Terrier breed technical data sheet
  • 2 How is the character of a Fox Terrier dog?
  • 3 Fox Terrier Dog Breed Features
  • 4 How is the hair of a Fox Terrier dog?
  • 5 How to Train a Fox Terrier Dog: Tips
  • 6 Is it difficult to socialize a Fox Terrier dog?
  • 7 Recommended care for the Fox Terrier breed

Fox Terrier breed technical data sheet


Height between 35 and 40 cm in males and females


Weight of 8 kg approx.


Straight and fine hair or straight and wire (2 types). White, staining with black or brown


Intelligent, loyal, active and playful character


Strong health with no known genetic problems


Estimated life expectancy between 13 and 17 years

How is the character of a Fox Terrier dog?

This breed of dog live and smart has a caropen-minded, outgoing and very cunning. So much so that sometimes you can get from us what you are looking for and do all kinds of mischief without being scolded.

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Apart from this, the Fox Terrier is always ready to play. He loves balls and Dog’s Toys (teethers, ropes, etc …) and they enjoy when we share games with him.

But then again, cormo good hunter dog is always alert and it feels very sure of himself, so also he’s a good watchdog, that will warn us in the presence of any stranger.

fox terrier hunting dog

Fox Terrier Dog Breed Features

Considered a medium breed dog, the Fox Terrier has a height at the withers of between 35 and 40 cm and an approximate weight of 8 kg. in his adulthood.

Her body it is compact and agile, its tail is tall but formerly used to to be amputagives to prevent the dog from being damaged during hunting sessions (something that currently is prohibited and penalized).

Its head is elongated, with “V” shaped ears and dark eyes with a very lively expression. One of its most distinctive qualities is its select mustache or beard, elegant as well as graceful.

With proper care, the Fox Terrier can live between 12 and 15 years.

How is the hair of a Fox Terrier dog?

According to the type of hair they can be distinguished two types of fox terrier : straight hair and thick hair or wire.

The first variety is characterized by short, hard and dense hair, while the second variety has rough hair mvery long, usually reaching 4 cm in length in the area of ​​the cross and in the jaws, where it forms a very characteristic beard.

Both varieties present as predominant color white, sometimes mottled with small black, brown or tawny spots.

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Fox Terrier fur must to be brushdo every day, especially if it is the hard-haired variety. Although they do not shed excessively, their hair tends to tangle easily and sometimes there is no choice but to go to a dog groomer.

fox terrier dog

How to Train a Fox Terrier Dog: Tips

Possessed of highly developed intelligence, the Fox Terrier has a high natural instinct to stand out in obedience competitions and pan>agility.

TOcatches on easily all kinds of tricks and, comost terriers, forever this ready For training.

In short, Fox Terrier training is always a very grateful task, although always taking care not to use excessively severe methods. We insist on always recommending positive training techniques.

To get the best out of this dog we need to stimulate him mental and physicalmind, impose some clear and consistent rules and above all, be patient and have a sense of humor.

It is not advisable to leave him alone or unattended for a long time, as he will fall into destructive behaviors. ANDl ejercicio It’s the key. As they say: “un Tired Fox Terrier is a good Fox Terrier “, although it is much easier for him to exhaust you.

Is it difficult to socialize a Fox Terrier dog?

ANDl temperament fox terrier It makes him a charming dog that quickly wins the affection of the whole family, especially the children who will end up loving him.

On the other hand, he is very prone to bark about almost anything, to dig tirelessly in our garden already fighting with other dogs on his walks in the park, even if many of These behaviors can be controlled by doing a good job of socializing with the dog while it is still a puppy.

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So the most advisable thing is to join him daily with other dogs, people and animals since he was a puppy, so that he gets used to being with them and respecting them.

Recommended care for the Fox Terrier breed

As it is a Medium-sized breed, the Fox Terrier is perfectly suited to medium and / or small-sized homes. Obviously, you should go out for a walk every day and exercise to eliminate your excess energy (which is not a little).

In houses with open spaces or garden, you will enjoy much more since it is a very active breed. But beware! He is also an expert in eloping to walk alone and discover the world!

At the health level, it is a strong breed that hardly presents inherited genetic problems, keeping its vaccines up to date and performing veterinary reviews Recommended will be enough to keep you healthy and happy.

With food we must be cautious, he is a great glutton and if he does not exercise he can become overweight very easily. For the rest, there is not much more to tell, it is a great breed for people who love active life.

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