Electric dog collar – how to wear it and which one is better

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dog with electric collar

The electric dog collar is mainly used to correct or modify unwanted behavior in a dog, although some people also use it as a supplement during training.

From Dogsis we are not very supporters of its use, because simply most people do not know how to use it and that will create confusion in the dog, which will end up worsening the behavior of the dog.

However, not everything is bad, we will explain how it works and how it should be used correctly to obtain good results with it. recommending from the beginning, never use its download function, but its alternatives.

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Index of contents

  • 1 What is an electric dog collar and what are its functions
  • 2 How to properly use an electric collar
  • 3 Benefits and drawbacks of using the electric collar
  • 4 How much does an electric dog collar cost?

What is an electric dog collar and what are its functions

An electric collar is a normal collar for dogs that incorporates a small console with two diodes. This console contains one or two batteries inside which can generate small discharges through a simple mechanism.

The electric dog collar also has other functions, such as vibrating or making a sound. We want to clarify that we only recommend the use of vibrate or sound, since we are totally against applying electric shock to the dog, however small they may be.

This type of collars are accompanied by a remote control, so that the owner can apply a shock, vibration or sound when he sees fit, without having to be near the dog.

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In addition and in general, you can also adjust the intensity of the discharges, vibrations or sounds. To avoid having to use the strongest or the weakest.

The function of the electric dog collar is to be able to correct the dog when it does something wrong, when its behavior is not adequate, such as when it tries to attack another dog, when it tries to eat feces or when it escapes and does not obey the call order.

This type of electric collar is not used to correct barking dogs, since for this there is a different type of collar that detects the dog’s barking and acts accordingly.

electric dog collar

How to properly use an electric collar

Starting from the fact that under no circumstances should we use electric shock, we will explain how to use the electric dog collar in vibration mode and in sound mode (beep).

We will put the collar on our dog so that it is tight, but does not prevent him from breathing. For this, we must be able to introduce two fingers vertically between the collar and the neck without problem.

We will go for a walk as we would normally do with our dog, but we will have the remote control in hand to press the sound / beep button when the dog does something wrong.

As an example, suppose that our dog is fond of eating feces from other dogs or animals, we will only press the sound button when the dog is lowering its head to eat a poop, never before.

At the same time that we press the button, we will verbally scold our dog (with a “no !!” is enough). The dog will be scared or surprised to hear the sound and will not eat the poop.

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How we have scolded you, you will know that we are the ones that caused that beep, because you are doing something wrong. It is important that he associates the beep or vibration with us, that he knows that we are controlling and scolding him.

If the beep function does not work, we will switch to vibrate mode. When the dog is going to do something wrong, such as eating that poop that we talked about earlier, we will press the button so that the collar vibrates.

At the same time, we will scold you to associate the vibration with us. The dog will be scared to feel the vibration and will not eat the poop. This is applicable to other inappropriate behaviors, but only in extreme chaos, we should never do it regularly.

Benefits and drawbacks of using the electric collar

The benefits of using the electric collar for dogs are obvious, we will be able to control our dog even when it is loose and not within our reach.

With this we will be able to distract you, so that your mind does not focus on doing evil and correcting unwanted behaviors. It is a great help as long as it is used well.

The drawbacks are obvious, many people do not know how to use it well and as a result they will get frightened, confused dogs that make their behavior worse instead of better.

We should not use this type of necklace if we are not completely sure that we know how to use it. It should never be used constantly, because the dog does not obey our call or does not sit at the command, nor because it has looked badly at another dog or growled….

There are so many possibilities of doing it wrong, that we insist on going to a dog trainer to help us correct the behavior of the dog without using this kind of alternatives.

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A misuse of the electric collar can cause serious problems to a dog, please think carefully before using it.

There are many hunters who use an electric collar on hunting dogs thinking that they will obey them better this way … instead of correctly educating the dog to obey. Another great example of how bad this type of necklace can be used.

A misuse of this collar can not only cause misconduct in a dog, such as aggressiveness or panic. If we use the discharges we can cause serious burns and damage to the dog’s neck, never use them.

electric necklace in labrador

How much does an electric dog collar cost?

We can find an electric collar for our dog at a very low price, but believe us, it is not recommended as it will not work well, there will be problems with the battery, frequency between the command and the console, etc….

You must pay attention to several things before purchasing it, the first is that it has the vibration and beep (sound) function, since they are the ones that you will really use. The second is that it is waterproof, that when it rains or the dog gets wet in a puddle it does not break or cause discharges.

You should also make sure that it uses a private and encrypted wave frequency between the remote and the console, so that no other device interferes or can cause shocks, vibrations or sounds.

Once you find everything in a single electric necklace, you will see that its price ranges between one hundred and two hundred euros in countries like Spain, from where we write to you. This is the usual price for this type of dog collar.