Dog bowl Which one to choose?

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Plastic dog feeder

There are thousands of models of feeders made of plastic, of all sizes and all colors. There are even small mounds inside to make it difficult for our dog to eat, so that it does not “gobble” food in two minutes and does so more slowly.

It is very practical actually, but the problem is that it is made of plastic and in general … they are very poor quality plastics. And we do not mean that it breaks quickly, but that the component used to create this trough can be toxic.

If you look closely the same happens with bottles of bottled water for human consumption, those that come in a plastic bottle. All manufacturers insist that they should not be reused, because they can give off highly harmful particles for health.

mound feeder

The same happens with plastic dog feeders, which normally and with use end up releasing particles that are really harmful to the health of our dogs.

And not only that, but they can also be the origin of an allergy. Some dogs end up developing allergies to certain plastic components precisely because of their particles.

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Therefore, unless the product clearly identifies on its label that the type of plastic used is of the highest quality and totally hypoallergenic, it is recommended not to use this type of product.

steel dog bowl

Dog feeder made of stainless steel

Without a doubt this is the best option to choose not only a dog feeder, but also for the drinker. Stainless steel is free of corrosion and does not give off harmful particles, you can wash it as many times as it is still, it will always remain in good condition.

There are many models and sizes for this type of feeder, so we will have no problem finding the most suitable for our dog.

And curiously enough, the price is practically the same (and sometimes even lower) than many feeders made with other lower quality products (plastics, ceramics, etc …).

It is not necessary to meditate much, stainless steel is the best option, the cleanest and the safest when it comes to avoiding toxic particles, for our beloved dogs.

feeder made of ceramic

Dog bowl made of ceramics and the like

It is common today, where there are even diamond collars for dogs … find completely custom feeders as a “plate” or similar.

A feeder made of clay or ceramic is not only more fragile than one made of stainless steel, it is also dirtier. Ceramics are often porous, so even though we clean them it is very likely that certain bacteria or food debris will get caught in those pores.

It is undoubtedly an undesirable and unhealthy option, as well as not lasting due to its fragility.

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dog eating

Suitable size for a dog bowl

Although it may seem somewhat obvious, the truth is that there are people who do not choose the most suitable feeder for their pets. We often see as medium or large size dogs, as a German shepherd or a Great dane they are subjected to receiving their feeding in completely absurd feeders… because they bought it when the dog was a puppy or they just don’t care.

A large dog needs a large feeder, just as a small dog needs a small feeder. It is so simple and obvious that we do not understand how some people still maintain feeders of an unsuitable size for their pets.

tall feeder

Floor feeder or height feeder?

As you have already seen, more and more companies are bringing small platforms to market so that our dogs can eat at a certain height, without having to lower their heads to the ground to eat.

They manufacture them under the pretext of avoiding gastric torsion and blah blah blah, although the truth is that they are only necessary if our dog has any digestive problem such as the megaesophagus.

A dog without problems, does not need this type of feeders … although if you prefer to buy it for whatever reason, it will not do you any harm.

splashing dog bowl

If my dog ​​is a glutton that gulps down and splashes everything … Which feeder should I choose?

There are feeders that have a double edge and a height slightly larger than normal, precisely to avoid splashing with food (just as they also exist for drinking fountains). The truth is that they are very practical when it comes to avoiding splashes and they do not have a particularly high price with respect to the rest of the options.

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But if your dog is a glutton who devours food in a few seconds, perhaps what you should do is teach him to eat slower and take more. Eliminate the anxiety you have and thus help you effectively. Start by dividing the amount of food you have into small portions and gradually give it to them, so that when you finish eating a few grains, add a few more until you complete your portion.

automatic feeder

Is the automatic dog feeder practical?

Yes and no, there are many models and here if the price influences. Usually the cheapest are the least accurate and the most vulnerable. He thinks that the moment the dog realizes that there is food inside … he will try to open it at all costs. It will bite it, throw it away, etc … so choosing a rigid, stable and effective model is the only option to choose a decent automatic feeder.

We generally do not recommend this, but personally feed them.

Whatever type of dog feeder you have bought or are using, remember that you should always put a drinker with clean, fresh water at your disposal. Even when it’s not lunchtime. The dog must have fresh, clean water available throughout the day.