Differences between Dogo Argentino and Great Dane

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The differences between Dogo Argentino and Great Dane are not easy to establish with the naked eye, as these breeds share external characteristics. For example, both are compact, strong-bodied, mollusky dogs with a somewhat haughty bearing.

When viewing a photograph, are you able to distinguish between one and the other? If your answer is negative, then don’t miss the following explanation to learn how to differentiate them. Read on and discover what Dogsis has prepared for you!

Index of contents

  • 1 Characteristics of the Dogo Argentino
  • 2 Great Dane Characteristics
  • 3 Differences between Dogo Argentino and Great Dane

Characteristics of the Dogo Argentino

As its name implies, this molosser dog is originally from Argentina, where it began to be bred to hunt cougars, wild boars and other large prey. The breed is muscular and athletic, the males measure between 60 and 68 centimeters at the withers, while the females measure from 60 to 65 centimeters.

The skull of the Argentine Dogo it has a mesocephalic and solid shape. The truffle is black and the muzzle is the same length as the skull. The lips are also black, under them hides a bite that can be tweezers or scissors. The eyes are almond-shaped, have a dark or hazel color, while the ears are triangular and high set.

Argentine Dogo

The coat of the breed is short and smooth throughout the body. The coat should be completely white, although some specimens have a black spot on one ear or around the eye. International canine federations do not recognize other coat colors.

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The temperament of the Dogo Argentino is adventurous, he likes outdoor activities and following trails, an ideal task for his excellent nose. It is a somewhat rustic dog, although with good socialization it should not be violent or suspicious of strangers or pets.

Great Dane Characteristics

The Great Dane is a dog originating in Germany, where it was used as a hunter; however, today he is known for being meek. Its appearance is haughty and proud, accompanied by a strong body. Regarding size, males measure between 80 and 90 centimeters at the withers, while females reach between 72 and 84 centimeters; They are really great!

The head of the Great dane it is elongated, although it tapers towards the muzzle; in general, it has a rectangular shape. The truffle is black in almost all dogs, except for those with spotted fur, in which it takes a combination of white with black. The jaw is scissor-shaped and the eyes are almond shaped. The iris is usually dark, although lighter shades are seen in the different types of fur. The ears hang down to the cheeks, they are broad and thin.

Great dane

The Great Dane’s coat is short, shiny and smooth. The coat features five color combinations: fawn (different types of gold with a black mask over the face), tabby, harlequin (white background with black spots), black (some of these dogs have white splashes) and blue (shiny black with shades bluish).

This dog is friendly and loving. He is never aggressive and likes family company, so he is an excellent pet for homes with children, thanks to his calm and patient temperament.

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Differences between Dogo Argentino and Great Dane

Surely you detected some important details to establish the differences between Dogo Argentino and Great Dane. Although they share some similarities, pay attention to this list to more clearly differentiate its characteristics:

  • The size: They are both large, fluffy dogs, but the Great Dane surpasses its companion by more than 10 centimeters in height.
  • The shape of the bite: the bite may be pincer or scissor in the Bulldog, but is only scissor-shaped in the Great Dane.
  • Coat color: all the Bulldogs are white; For its part, the Great Dane’s coat has multiple color combinations.
  • The implantation of the ears: the ears are high in the Dogo Argentino, but fall on the cheeks in the Great Dane.
  • The shape of the head: While the Bulldog’s head is mesocephalic, that of the Great Dane is rectangular; in both, however, it has a solid appearance.
  • The color of the truffle: Both the Dogo Argentino and the Great Dane have black truffles, the only exception is the bicolor combination of the Great Dane with harlequin fur.
  • Neck length: the Great Dane’s neck is slightly longer, while the folds that form at the junction between it and the back are evident in the Argentine Bulldogs.