Can I give canned tuna to my dog?

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Due to the large advertising campaigns carried out by companies that manufacture dog food, in kibble or wet format, there are many doubts about whether or not dogs should eat other types of food, such as fresh tuna or canned tuna.

Let us not be fooled, dogs can eat almost all kinds of fresh food including of course tuna, whether fresh or canned. This type of fish will provide them with plenty of premium proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial fatty oils such as Omega.

Dogs can eat tuna in general although how in everything, in the quantity is the secret so that they feel good and take advantage of all its nutrients, or that they feel bad and have intestinal problems such as diarrhea. From we are going to explain everything you need to know about how to feed your puppy with this type of fish.

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  • 1 How should I give tuna to my dog?
  • 2 What are the benefits of giving Tuna to a dog?

How should I give tuna to my dog?

The first thing we should know is what type of tuna is the most recommended for our dog. Our dog can eat fresh tuna without bones lightly cooked, grilled with a little olive oil or boiled in water, as we prefer.

Our dog can also eat canned tuna, which usually comes canned. Although we must make sure that the tuna is preserved in olive oil, in sunflower oil or that it is tuna in water.

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However, we should NEVER give our dog fresh tuna with bones, because they could get stuck in its mouth or throat and we should also not use pickled canned tuna or other substances not mentioned above.

The best way to give tuna to a dog is by adding it to his daily food, we can open a can of tuna in oil and eliminate the oil completely, when the tuna is clean (with little oil) we can put the can on his feed or food (In Mexico the feed is called balanced).

For a dog of about fifteen or twenty kilos of weight, we can use a whole small can, a couple of times a week for example. A larger dog can take a little more a little dog a little less, everything is trying and if we see that it feels a little bad and produces dog diarrhea we just have to calculate one less quantity for the next time

If the tuna is fresh, we must calculate an amount more or less similar to the size of a can of can, or if the dog is large we can prepare a ration similar to what an adult human would eat. Fresh tuna can be mixed with the dog’s usual food or given independently.

dog eating tuna

What are the benefits of giving Tuna to a dog?

Although we think that the use of tuna is a reward for the dog, since as we all know most dogs love to eat tuna … The truth is that it is much more than that, since it is a very complete and healthy food.

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Tuna will provide our dog with a good amount of top quality animal proteins, very assimilable and beneficial. It will also provide a good dose of healthy (unsaturated) fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which will help improve the dog’s heart system, lower its cholesterol levels and improve the health of its skin and the brightness of their hair.

As you can see, Tuna is an excellent nutritional contribution for dogs, widely used in natural BARF dog food for its numerous beneficial qualities for the dog’s body. Tuna also provides large amounts of B vitamins and essential minerals, making it a premium food.

Your dog will not only be super happy to enjoy the intense flavor of this fish, but his health will improve considerably. Tuna preserved in oil is the most widely used at general levels, although any type of tuna provides the same benefits.