Can a dog eat cat food?

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At first glance they are quite similar foods and if you look at the composition both use meat ingredients, so nothing happens if a dog eats cat food.

The problem arises when a dog eats cat food continuously. Since the nutritional needs of dogs and cats are different and therefore, their diet too.

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  • 1 Can my dog ​​eat my cat’s food?
  • 2 When does it become a problem?
  • 3 What if my dog ​​only eats cat food?
  • 4 How should I feed my dog?

Can my dog ​​eat my cat’s food?

It is not that he can, it is that he probably even likes it more than his own because cats are more “exquisite” when it comes to eating. And generally, cat food feed or cans emit a more intense food odor, which will drive our dog crazy.

Rest assured, nothing happens if your dog occasionally eats cat food, since the ingredients are very similar in principle to what he eats. It also doesn’t matter if your cat eats dog food once in a while.


When does it become a problem?

The problem is in making this a habit. Cat food contains low amounts of zinc and vitamin E They are also very high in protein and fat.

Constantly feeding a dog with cat food will cause it to suffer significant nutritional imbalances that will end up seriously affecting its health.

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The same is the opposite, if we feed a cat with dog food constantly, will end up getting sick from nutritional deficiencies.

Each type of feed is made for its animal breed, so it is not advisable to feed our dog with our cat’s food on a regular basis. We insist, once in a while, it doesn’t hurt.


What if my dog ​​only eats cat food?

For starters, cat food generally contains a much higher level of protein and fat, something that ended up damaging our dog’s kidneys and pancreas. In addition it will suffer from very heavy digestions, which can end up causing ulcers.

On the other hand, our dog will end up suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are abundant in dog food, but are very scarce in cat food.

Overall, in addition to suffering serious illnesses such as pancreatitisYou will also end up suffering from anemia, with the dangers that this implies. Not forgetting, vomiting and diarrhea due to poor digestion.

How should I feed my dog?

Using natural foods such as those found in the BARF diet is an excellent option. Using high-quality premade dog food is also another great option.

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And remember that each dog is different, look for the most appropriate food for its age, size, health and lifestyle. What is good for my dog ​​may not be so good for yours.