Bernese Mountain Dog – Complete Guide to the breed

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Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a beautiful breed dog of Montana, extremely versatile coming of the Swiss valleys. Also called Bouvier Bernois or just Bernese, It was used for centuries for the most varied tasks, from pastor of cattle up guard dog.

Interestingly, it is the only one of the four Swiss breeds of dog that has long hair. He stands out for being very obedient, large and robust, with a calm and friendly character, which is why it is common to see him participate (and win) in many dog ​​competitions and herding competitions.

Index of contents

  • 1 The character of the Bernese Mountain Dog
  • 2 Characteristics of the breed
  • 3 How to educate a Bernese
  • 4 Recommended care for a Bernese Mountain Dog

The ccharacter of Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bheyero de Bernto he is an affectionate, intelligent and awake. An ideal companion for all the family for his patience with children and his calm disposition. Leal and cuddly, ands a dog that enjoys participating in household activities.

Because of his big size, It is important to teach him as a puppy how to behave at home and how to deal with people. Its maturation process is slow, this means that the dog reaches its adult size and showever it continues showing behaviors and attitudes typical of a puppy.

Great protector of his family, the Bernese Mountain Dog is seldom aggressive. Pcan be a little distant with strangers and generally a little shy, for that It’s fundamental socialize it from puppy.

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Puppies are curious and playful, forever willing to play and let yourself be hugged.

bernese mountain puppy

Characteristics of the breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog, with a height at the withers that ranges between 65 and 70 cm in males and between 58 and 65 cm in females. Its approximate weight is about 40 kg.

He is easily recognized by his hair tricolor and for the call “Swiss cross” color blancor what looks in his chest. It may have reddish white streaks on the head, chest, legs, and tail tip.

His body is robust and well proportioned, with slender and strong limbs and a very shaggy tail. The ears, not excessively large and triangular in shape, fall on both sides of the head. The Bernese Mountain Dog’s hair is long, very smooth and fine.

How to educate a Bernese

In their origins, the breeders of the Bernese Mountain Dog chose strong, docile and obedient dogs, always ready to carry out orders and desmpteach a wide variety of tasks in the fields and farms, but also within House.

The result of that selection has resulted in the actual Bernese, a home-like, hard-working dog, delighted to make its owners happy. So their training is relatively easy.

To educate him correctly it is essential to start working with them from puppies and follow a series of guidelines: lots of physical exercise, good nutrition and a routine adequate.

The training sessions should not be too long, just 10 minutes, otherwise you will tire and lose concentration. Must be in any case positive training, reinforced by awards and caresses.

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Recommended care for a Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is not a dog for have in a flat or apartment with reduced space. Nneedwe have orat home with a garden or a large yard, preferably fenced, to make you feel happy. How good working dog it is very vigorous, so toIn addition to garden play, you need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day. This is a vital aspect to maintain our dog in the better conditions physical.

Thanks to its thick and beautiful coat, the Bernese Mountain Dog adapts easily to Cold climates with harsh winters. In fact, heand love to play in the snow. Conversely, his black fur and its large size make you especially vulnerable to heat stroke.

So in summer it is better to avoid exercising in the central hours of the day, provide a cool and shady place for your rest and make sure that you always have fresh water to drink.

On the other hand, this breed changes its hair practically all year round. It is convenient to brush it several times a week and bathe it when you need it to keep your coat clean.

We should check their ears periodically to make sure they do not have clear symptoms of infection, how redness or bad smell.