Basset Hound breed temperament and necessary care

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basset hound dog

The race canine Basset Hound was raised specifically for the hunting of rabbits and others little animals. Of done, still is usesdo for this purpose in the United Kingdom. Isyou magnificent dog is a slow but secure tracker and gifted also of a prodigious smell.

The unmistakable physical appearance of the Basset, with its long ears and its sad look inspire immediately much sympathy and tenderness, reason why which has been featured in as many movies and ad campaigns as the Ad of Rastreator.

Its name, which comes from the French word bas, which means low, comes to this dog as a finger ring, due to its characteristic short legs and small size. Let’s look in depth at all the information about this breed, character, care, behavior and advice.

Index of contents

  • 1 Basset Hound Dog Behavior
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
  • 3 How to educate a Basset Hound?
  • 4 Recommended care

Dog behavior Basset hound

The character of always balanced Basset is very calm, as never to have a bad temper. He gets along well with everyone, included children and others dogs. Its serenity is only altered when it sniffs an interesting scent and passes in question of seconds of relaxation plus absolute to a state of visible excitement.

But having a temperament quiet does not equal to have the guard low. Even if it is not very given to barking and tolerating the presence of strangers well, the Basset Hound always maintains a vigilant alertness in the house, sufficient to to be considersdo a good watchdog that will face any threat without hesitation as long protect yours.

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Something that contrasts a lot with its loving, calm and homey character, as it is a perfect dog to live with as a family thanks to its extraordinary behavior.

basset hound dog

Physical characteristics of the breed

Robust, short and muscular, the Basset Hound is characterized by its slow and graceful movements, fruit of the combination of an elongated body and very short limbs. Mide in around 35 cm height at the withers and its weight ranges from 23 kg to 30 kg.

The Basset Hound has a rounded skull with a deep muzzle and many loose folds on the face, which wrinkle over the forehead when the dog is tracking. This large amount of loose fur gives this dog that sad and melancholic appearance, which for many shape part of its charm.

Because it was originally bred to be a hunting dog, many of the Basset Hound’s physical characteristics are designed to accomplish with a purpose determined. For example, his long, low ears drag the ground and help him catch odors, while the loose skin around his head forms wrinkles that also help capture the trail to follow.

Because of its legs so shorts, the Basset can barely jump and moves slower than other dogs, even if this is very practical for hunters, who can follow their tracker on foot. Lastly, the white tip of its tail helps it to be located when it gets lost after a trail in areas of tall grass or brush.

The coat of the Basset Hound is liI am short, of hard texture. The color scheme most common is tricolor (black, brown and white), but also there are varieties with white hair and red spots, or vice versa.

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¿How to educate a Basset hound?

Basset Hound dog can be lazy at the time of to learn, and like all hounds is also somewhat stubborn. Rbetter sponsor positive methods, con rewards in form of foods.

ANDThe fact that he is not overly compliant is not a defect in itself, but a trait of his tracking dog nature. Keep in mind that for centuriess these dogs have been bred to stubbornly sniff their prey and not stop until they have given with them.

For this reason the Basset sometimes does not
answer our calls, completely deaf and imbued in his task, with the
nose stuck to the ground, sniffing for some interesting trace.

It is not a barking dog, although it is a howler. Sometimes he uses a sustained snore, almost a moan, when he seeks our attention or when he asks for food. He also has a tendency to drool.

Basset Hound puppy

Recommended care

Although it is important that the Basset has a small patio or garden where you can exercise, it adapts easily to life in an apartment or flat. On the other hand, it does not support outdoor life well in extreme hot or cold conditions.

The Basset hound he is an incorrigible glutton. This characteristic, together with the fact that they tend to be very active at home, is the culprit that canton gain weight very easily and even become obese, the which can cause back problems and the limbs. Thats why he regular exercise is a must in addition to a adequate diet to avoid being overweight.

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When let’s go for a walk with our Basset we must have note that is a dog that love to track. Yes If you perceive an interesting smell, you can follow it for hours and forget everything else, so you should carry it on a leash so that it does not stray too far or put yourself in danger cruclearing the street without noticing the presence of cars circulating at full speed.

Except for the cleaning of its long ears, the facial wrinkles and the slime that it usually leaves in its wake, grooming the Basset Hound is relatively simple. Their fur repels dirt and water, so they rarely need to be bathed. Instead you need to brush your hair regularly using a thick bristle brush, as they shed practically all year round.

One of the main health problems that affect the Basset is the gastric torsion. For the rest, it is a fairly healthy breed whose life span is around 12 years.