Amputating a dog’s ears and / or tail – Fines and consequences

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Although it is a very widespread custom in certain breeds, which consists of mutilating their ears or tail to supposedly obtain certain benefits. The truth is that cutting the ears or the tail of a dog does not bring absolutely any benefit, quite the opposite.

We all know someone with a dog with mutilated or tailless ears, some breeds as common as Pit Bulls or Boxers are normally the main target for these harmful practices. We will explain in detail the reasons why you should never, absolutely never mutilate your dog in this way.

Index of contents

  • 1 Should I cut off my dog’s ears?
  • 2 Should I cut off my dog’s tail?
  • 3 Is it legal to cut a dog’s ears or tail?
  • 4 How is the fine for mutilating a dog?

Should I cut off my dog’s ears?

No no and no. The cutting of ears is a simple mutilation that is done to certain dogs so that they appear more “fierce” aesthetically. It is a very painful practice for the dog and it can have a very negative influence on its development and socialization.

Not only is it traumatic for the dog, but it is a very painful process (imagine they amputate you). Dogs need their ears to protect their ears from air or dust, to guide their ears and to hear sounds better (something very important in surveillance dogs) or simply to express their mood and interact with other dogs. All professionals in the canine world know that socialize a dog properly It is super important for their development, if you have amputated ears it will be more complex to communicate with other dogs.

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On the other hand, it is a health problem for the dog, since its ears are amputated, it is easier for dirt to accumulate, for it to enter dust / pollution, etc … which will cause the dog to develop infections such as Otitis or derivations of it how the conjunctivitis.

And all this … assuming the operation goes well. Since it is very common that infections occur during mutilation capable of ending even the dog’s life.

Is it legal to cut a dog’s ears or tail?

A general snow is legal in some countries and illegal in others. At U.K. for example, it is illegal, as it is in Spain, where amputating any part of a dog without medical reasons that require it (amputation for tumors, for example) is penalized. Others like Mexico or Argentina do not have laws that prohibit it, although we hope that they will soon. However it is something that only a veterinaryn could do, since it poses a great danger of infection for the dog.

From we want to clarify that at a particular level, We will report any breeder, vet or dog owner who mutilates a dog’s tail or ears. And we ask that you denounce whoever does it, it can be an anonymous complaint.

You can learn more about how to report here: Denounces animal abuse – PETA

Simply out of common sense, out of love for your dog or out of fear of the fine / prison sentence…. Please do not mutilate your dog or allow others to do so.

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How is the fine for mutilating a dog?

Depending on the damage caused to the dog, it can be considered a minor violation (from € 150 to € 600), a serious violation (from € 601 to € 3,000) or a very serious violation (from € 3,001 to € 30,000).

So if you think that nothing happens to amputate and cause pain to a dog, you are very mistaken.