Alano Español – Character, care and feeding of the breed

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spanish bulldog

ANDl Spanish Alano, better known outside our borders as Spanish Bulldog, It is a native Spanish breed, a light prey dog ​​and runner.

Traditionally it has been used to keep livestock and for hunting, and also in the bullfighting world. Nowadays he needs an intense education to be a good companion and is in general an excellent watchdog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Character of the Spanish Alano
  • 2 Compatibility with other dogs
  • 3 Physical characteristics
  • 4 Hair and its care
  • 5 How to educate a Spanish Alano?
  • 6 Socialization
  • 7 Health of the Spanish Alano
  • 8 History

Ccharacter of Alano Spanish

The Year it’s a dog calm, serious and thoughtful looking. This breed of dog dStake for its great physical resistance and its ability to endure pain, characteristics inherited from its origins as a fighting dog.

Due to his instinct he fightsdor and huntdor, has a dominant nature that can be tempered and perfectly managed through training.

Actually this big and powerful dog is also very obedient, extremely protective and absolutely loyal to his family. Se gets along well with the children of the House and usually justr become a perfect playmate.

spanish bulldog

CCompatibility with other dogs

The Spanish Alano can coexist without problems with other dogs in the same house, although as a precaution it is convenient to keep it away from smaller animals that can be considered “prey” by it and to awaken its hunting instincts.

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It is a balanced and calm dog that only barks when it notices some danger and, unlike other similar breeds, it hardly drools.

Physical characteristics

ANDThis medium-sized dog has aHeight at the withers from 60 to 65 cm and its weight ranges between 40 and 45 kg. Females are smaller and lighter. Su physical appearance has changed a lot along the centuries, since its arrival on the peninsula, although its main characteristics and qualities have been maintained.

Alano’s body It has correct proportions, with a square head, short snout and wide black nose. The face may have a black mask.

The ears, set high, are quite apart from each other and have a pointed shape. Even today, the habit of trimming them while the dog is still a puppy continues, in order to prevent them from folding over the face.

Hair and its care

The hair of the Spanish Alano is short and thick, high resistance. The most common colors are black, gray, reddish and tawny, almost always brindle.

Keeping Alano fur healthy is a relatively simple task, as it does not requires too much care. A weekly brushing to remove dead hair should suffice. It is not advisable to bathe him too often, so as not to weaken his skin and coat.

alano espanol

¿How to educate a Alano Spanish?

These intrepid dogs and strong character They need a coach with a firm hand that marks their dominant position from day one. Training will not begin to be productive until we make it clear to our Alano who is in charge.

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After that we will need to be constants and patientYes, but the effort invested in educating this large, noble and obedient dog will pay off very quickly.


Although it is always important, in the case of the Spanish Alano the process of socialization of the puppies it becomes essential. Only in this way will we manage to breed an obedient and balanced dog and rule out any unpleasant incidents with strangers in the future.

Alano is currently used mainly as a defense dog, although it has also been revealed as an excellent family dog.

Health of the Spanish Alano

As it is a tough, strong and very resistant dog, the Spanish Alano does not require special care beyond normal. We just need to make sure it has an outdoor space to be in, so it’s best to have it on a patio or garden handle.

Unlike other breeds, this dog adapts very well to any kind of climate, withstanding both high temperatures and sub-zero thermometers relatively well.

We also have to make sure he does a lot exercise to maintain your fitness and balance. At least recommended three daily walks, one of them especially long.

The average life of the Alano Spanish it is located around 12 years.


Its origins are obscure, although it is believed that it reached the peninsula from the hand of the Alan invaders in the 5th century AD.

Later, the Alano played a prominent role in the conquest of the new world by the Spanish explorers. Indigenous peoples were unaware of the existence of this class of dogs and their ferocity, feeling true terror at their presence.

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From the chronicles of the time it is known that the Alans, who had their ears cut off as puppies and who received special training to turn them into true weapons of war, were used to intimidate and subdue the native peoples of America in numerous occasions. Unfortunately, they had to see the fiercest face of a dog that has many other qualities.