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Surely you have already heard / read on many occasions that the pre-made feed that we give to our dear colleagues leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality. And it is not a lie precisely, the best of pre-made feed is nowhere near the worst of the natural diets that we can make at home for our dear friends.

Elaborate diets like BARF diet / ACBA / etc … are without a doubt the most suitable for our beloved pets. All breeds of dogs are carnivorous, that means that their main source of food must be meat and as small supplements certain vegetables can be added, although always in small quantities.

So that they do not always eat the same, I will vary them from fortnight to fortnight, so that I alternate between Diet Yum of Lamb, Salmon, Veal, Ox or Turkey. They love it, they do not leave a single pinch of meat in their feeders and honestly, they are full of health and energy, I have never seen them so healthy, active and vital.

Whether you have a pet with digestive problems, or if you simply want to offer the best food to your companions, I highly recommend that you try the Yum Diet. You can find their website and facebook through google, where you can see the experiences of hundreds of people who put aside the commercial feed and went to Diet Yum. Just seeing it, you will understand why it is worth making the change.

And remember, you should not mix it with pre-made feed / kibbles. You must make a radical change and without mixing gradually from lesser to more to make a progressive change, make the change from one day to the next without the slightest problem, you will see what results!

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On the website of this company, you have a calculator that will indicate how much food you should give your pets depending on their weight and whether they are puppies or adults. The amount that comes out is daily. So you must divide it into two servings, for example if you get 600 grams, you must give them 300 grams in the morning and 300 at night. Puppies must take three servings daily, so the process is as simple as dividing the total into three.

Another advantage of the YUM diet is the quantity of alternative foods that it offers us, such as the possibility of buying “turkey necks”, “fresh bones”, “green tripe”, “horse meat”, “coarse chopped”, “complete trachea”, etc… something that can serve as a reward or part of the diet itself or also as a complement to carry out the BARF diet.

As you can see, all are advantages.

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