Why is my dog ​​not allowed to touch?

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Those of us who are lucky enough to live with a dog know how important it is to maintain permanent contact with it, take care of it, feed it and of course pamper it. Physical contact with a dog creates a special bond of trust, which intensifies over time as long as we maintain contact periodically.

But what would happen if a dog was not allowed to touch? If your dog is not allowed to touch or pet you should look for the reason and solve it since it is not a healthy behavior. There must be a close bond between human and dog, based primarily on trust. If your dog prevents you from petting it or tries to bite you when you do, that bond of trust grows wider until it ceases to exist.

There are several reasons why a dog is not petted or touched, even if only certain parts of its body. We will explain what are the reasons and how to solve them so that you both believe that special bond.

Why is my dog ​​not allowed to touch ?: Pain or illness

We all know that dogs are much more resistant than humans when they suffer pain, they can have severe pain and yet go for a walk as if nothing. Also, the problem of not knowing how to express themselves when something hurts means that sometimes they spend long periods of time suffering from a certain pain before we know it.

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Know canine language It can help us to know the state of mind of our dog and also helps to understand if it has any pain. Strange as it may be, not letting a dog touch can also mean that dog is in pain.

Some dogs don’t allow themselves to touch certain parts of their bodies, because it hurts right there. But others simply do not allow themselves to be touched for fear that we will get to that part where it hurts. The pain causes the dogs to become a little more unfriendly and unfriendly, causing them not to be touched or caressed.

If our dog was very affectionate and suddenly we noticed that he no longer allows us to touch him, he may be sick or in pain due to some type of problem. A veterinary review would be totally necessary in that situation. Many diseases can cause dogs to change their character, because when they suffer they express themselves that way.

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How to Educate a Dog to Let It Touch

The first thing we should do is see if our dog tries to bite us when we touch it, if so, we must work on that behavior first. You can obtain detailed information from:

  • How to educate a puppy that bites
  • Tips to prevent your dog from being aggressive

If our dog does not try to bite us, it is an excellent sign, since we simply must gain his trust little by little and work this behavior with the technique of massage. Remember that you should never hit or fight your dog without cause, do not be aggressive with it or this technique so that a dog allows itself to be petted will not do any good.

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It is essential that we do this technique after taking a walk, when our dog is already calm, relaxed and relaxed. We will look for a quiet place at home or in the park where nobody bothers us, where there is no noise, where it is very quiet.

We will lay our dog on the ground and begin to massage him, without hardly pressing, very gently and focusing only on one part of his body. We can test it a little and see that part bothers him less that we touch him and give him a small massage of about five minutes there.

The next day we will repeat the same move, but expanding the area to be massaged. With the passing of days we will also extend the time, so that in two or three weeks we are giving a full body massage for a time of fifteen minutes a day.

This is the best technique so that a dog that does not bite is allowed to touch and pet, over time and with patience, our dog will broaden his confidence with us and allow himself to be touched more often.

My dog ​​is not touched by strangers

When we socialize a puppy, it learns to be touched and caressed by us and by strangers, but when an adult dog has not been well socialized in its infancy, it may have certain reservations about being caressed by strangers.

We should never force our dog to be touched by someone who does not know, because it can be a suspicious dog and be afraid, if they try to touch it it can result in a bite, something that nobody wants.

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The best therapy for this type of problem is that people who we know and who the dog also knows, touch it more often. Let the dog learn little by little, to be touched by people he knows and who are not us. This therapy will be long so we must have patience, but little by little it will lose its fear.

We must know the proper way to greet a dog, since many people do it wrong. It is not recommended to pounce on it, or put our face at its height, nor caress it on the head as it normally is. You can get detailed information from: How to properly greet a dog.

On the other hand, each dog is a world just as it happens with humans. They have their own character and their own personality, there are many dogs that simply do not want strange people to touch them. It is not something that should really worry us too much.

The same happens with the races, some races are genetically more affectionate than others, how it happens for example with the Golden retriever. Even between the sexes there is a considerable difference, the females being much more cuddly at general levels than the males.