Why do dogs smell?

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dogs smelling

Although it may seem strange, the truth is that when two dogs cross the street, it is usual for them to stop and smell their tails. To be more exact, dogs smell the anus, which is the area where the anal glands are located, which give off the smell that characterizes and identifies them.

Dogs recognize each other thanks to their smell, in the same way that when they do not know each other, they present themselves sniffing their behinds. Unpleasant as it may seem to us on a personal level and from a human point of view, for dogs it is the most natural thing in the world. So we should always let our dog smell other dogs’ ass and other dogs can smell theirs.

dogs smelling their asses

Why do dogs smell their asses?

Dogs have a very personal smell in their anus, due to a liquid released by their anal glands. This smell is unique, in the same way that human fingerprints are. So each dog has a completely different smell than other dogs, a totally personal smell.

Thanks to this smell, dogs can know many things about the dog that their rear is smelling. They can know their approximate age, the type of nutritional diet they have, the state of mind and even the state of health of the other dog, among many other examples.

Letting it smell and smell your ass is a fundamental part of socialize a dog Correctly, it is a fundamental and essential form of communication between dogs (remember that they have a sense of smell thousands and thousands of times more developed than humans).

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We should never prevent our dog from smelling the tail of another dog, nor that another dog smell the ass of ours. It is a totally natural and necessary act between dogs.

Why do dogs smell their parts?

In addition to smelling the anus, something that is completely normal and normal. Dogs also often smell their private parts, their genitals. A dog’s genitals also add scent to it, so other dogs can get even more information by simply sniffing a bit.

The urine of a dog leaves a very characteristic smell that other dogs easily identify, it is not as personal as the anal glands, but it is also quite personal.

In this way, if our dog smells the genitals of other dogs, he can know if he has urinated anywhere he has walked, if it is a female or a male, if it is in heat if it is a female, if it is sick, etc. ….

It is something completely normal and natural, even sometimes they suck a little, to further increase the smell and in a way, savor it. Dogs communicate like this and we should not disturb them when they do, it is their way of communicating.