What is an adoption contract for dogs? Guidelines and obligations

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If we are considering adopting a dog in a protective association, it is likely that, among other requirements, we will be asked to sign an adoption contract. This document is intended to ensure the well-being of the adopted dog.

Therefore, it should not be taken as a sign of mistrust or an unnecessary signature. Below we will explain what these contracts consist of, what they involve and what other conditions the protectors will ask us when we adopt a dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 How does an animal protector work?
  • 2 How do protectors deliver to dogs?
  • 3 What is pre-adoption?
  • 4 Requirements to be an adopter
  • 5 The adoption contract

How does an animal protector work?

Protectors should not be confused with kennels. Kennels are usually public and depend on municipalities, county councils or communities. Some are managed by protectors. Kennels are required to collect all dogs in their area and must only keep them for as long as required by law for their owners to retrieve.

This means that, except in places where legislation in favor of zero slaughter has been passed, dogs can be slaughtered after the deadline. Instead, dogs have no time limits in protective associations. In addition, in many kennels there are no requirements when it comes to taking a dog.

It is delivered to whoever pays the departure fee, which usually corresponds to the amount of the microchip. For their part, the protectors usually carry out a preliminary interview, sign an adoption contract, deliver the dog with its corresponding card and mark a follow-up.

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How do protectors deliver to dogs?

Generally, dogs that come out of any of these organizations have been vet checked. If the wounded or sick have been collected, they will already be operated, in treatment or fully recovered. Further, they are delivered with your card or passport up to date. This means that they will be dewormed internally and externally.

They will also have been vaccinated, including vaccines required by law according to the locality in which we live. Further, both male and female dogs are given for adoption spayed. If puppies are still too small to be operated on delivery, a future sterilization commitment will be signed in the adoption contract.

Some protectors operate in collaborating veterinary centers. Others allow the adopter to go to their usual clinic and send proof that the intervention has been carried out. Also, if the dog is considered potentially dangerous, you have to follow the current legislation in this regard. All dogs are microchipped.


What is pre-adoption?

Protectors who work well, and we must inform ourselves before adopting in some, they are not going to give us a dog directly as it happens in almost all kennels. The first thing they usually do is send us what is called a pre-adoption questionnaire. We should not understand it as an intrusion into our privacy.

The people in charge of the association, almost always volunteers, only they want to make sure that the dog they have been taking care of and, in many cases, they have rescued from horrible situations, is going to have the life it deserves. The questionnaires are not limited to knowing our aptitudes as caregivers. In them we indicate which dog we are interested in.

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Our wishes are not always compatible with the dog we select. For example, if we spend little time at home, adopting a puppy will be a likely source of coexistence and behavior problems. If we have never had a dog, it is not the best idea to get a PPP. In short, what is sought is that the dog and the adopter get along.

Requirements to be an adopter

In addition to answering the previous questionnaire, numerous protectors are going to want to know us personally. In that interview they will explain the characteristics of the dog, the paperwork required, confirm that we can take charge and answer our questions. In addition to being compatible with the dog, they will check if our house is suitable.

For example, if we have an open garden at the foot of the road, it will not be an option to let the dog loose or keep him tied up all day outside. If a dog needs it, we will have to be able to dedicate time. Opting for a battered one who is scared implies that it will take us a while to get his trust.

Previous experience is valued, although it is not essential, unless the dog is not suitable for beginners. Of course, we must accept the castration and commit to follow-up, in addition to signing the adoption contract. On the other hand, if we want a dog just to keep a farm, it is normal that the protectors do not consider us fit.

The adoption contract

The adoption document is the one that certifies the transfer of the dog from the ownership of the association to that of its new caretaker. In it, it is usual for us to sign that we are committed to taking care of the dog, providing it with a good diet and all the veterinary care it needs.

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The protector, through post-adoption monitoring, will verify that we are complying with what has been signed. Otherwise, the document itself states that they can request compensation or take legal action. Many contracts include a clause by which the protector reserves the right to recover the dog in these cases.

If at any time we cannot take care of it, it will be delivered to the association. Protectors charge for adoption. Many of them do not receive subsidies. Delivering healthy, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped dogs is a considerable expense. They must recover at least a small part in order to continue their work.