What is a Mallorcan sheepdog like? – Features and care

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The Mallorcan Shepherd is a Spanish breed of dog, also known as Ca de Bestiar. Medium, strong and docile, it is a good option if we are looking for a watchdog that is loving and faithful with the family.

This breed also stands out for being somewhat shy and intelligent, in addition to being a little suspicious of strangers. Are you interested in adopting a Mallorcan pastor? Discover its main characteristics, all about its character and the care it needs!

Index of contents

  • 1 History of the Mallorcan pastor
  • 2 Characteristics of the Mallorcan shepherd
  • 3 What is the character of the Mallorcan pastor?
  • 4 What care does this breed need?
  • 5 How is the health of the Mallorcan shepherd?

History of the Mallorcan pastor

The breed takes its name from Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands. The exact time of arrival on the island is unknown, although it is possible that it dates back to the conquest of Jaime I of Aragon.

The dogs transported for grazing were crossed with others from the area, until establishing the known characteristics of the Mallorcan shepherd. For centuries, it was used as a dog to herd and care for cattle and pigs, as well as sheep and horses.

You can get more information about the breed from the National Mallorcan Sheepdog Club:

  • Mallorquin National Shepherd Club
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Characteristics of the Mallorcan shepherd

We are in front of a medium-sized and shapely dog. The body has musculature and strength, highlighting a wide rib cage.

The head is triangular and solid, although without being molosa. The muzzle is wide and the nose is large. The ears are triangular and droopy, usually reaching the tear. His eyes are small and almond shaped, its color varies between light and dark honey.

The coat of this breed can be short or long. The short variety is very close to the skin, while the long coat is soft and double, even curly in some areas. In both cases, this breed only has black hair, although some specimens show white spots on the chest or fingers.


Height of between 66 and 73 cm in males and between 62 and 68 cm in females


Approximate weight of 40 kg in males and females


Hair in two variables, short and long. Black with possible mottled spots


Friendly, docile and somewhat shy character. Good watchdog


Strong health, although you can develop hip dysplasia


Estimated life expectancy between 10 and 12 years



Mallorquin Sheepdog (Photo Mallorquin Shepherd National Club)

What is the character of the Mallorcan pastor?

Whoever lives with a dog of this breed can only talk about their docile, sweet and faithful character. She loves being with the family, spending time with the children and being pampered.

It also stands out for its intelligence, bravery and protective zeal, characteristics that make it a good watchdog. Although shy in his youth, this mistrust of strangers can serve to protect our home.

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It is the kind of dog that loves all members of the family, but develops favoritism for one person. This can be positive if we live alone and look for a faithful and caring partner.

What care does this breed need?

It is highly recommended socialize well since puppy. In this way, we will avoid that, due to its shyness, it becomes a fearful dog in adulthood. Visits to parks where you have contact with other people and pets are excellent for this.

Being a working dog, you need to exercise daily. An hour of walking or jogging, respecting the rhythm of the dog, can be part of the routine. Games of chasing the ball, search and find or minutes of fun with toys, will allow the dog to develop its intelligence.

Regarding the cloak, you need 1 to 2 brushings per week in short-haired dogs, and from 2 to 4 in long-coat specimens. Bathing is only necessary when the coat is dirty.

A quality diet is recommended, with limited treats or snacks canines, because the breed tends to suffer from obesity.


Mallorcan Shepherd with his puppy (photo Club Nacional del Pastor Mallorquín)

How is the health of the Mallorcan shepherd?

The breed is healthy and has few health problems. If we pay attention to immunization schedule and deworming, you will rarely get sick. However, there are two ailm
ents to which we must be aware:

  • Hip dysplasia: It occurs in many large or medium breed dogs. It affects the junction of the hip bones with the femur. It causes pain, lameness and can render the dog invalid if left untreated. This disorder is hereditary.
  • Ear infections: drooping ears are adorable, but bacteria build up underneath them, leading to infections. Once a week, it is recommended that we check them for bad odor or excess wax.