Top 7 Funniest and Funniest Dogs

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border collie

Although all dogs are capable of giving us good times of fun, in this article we are going to highlight seven breeds with which laughs are going to be assured by their character or behavior.

Index of contents

  • 1 Border collie
  • 2 Boxer
  • 3 French bulldog
  • 4 English bulldog
  • 5 Pug or carlino
  • 6 Saint Bernard
  • 7 West Highland White Terrier

Border collie

These dogs are very intelligent and active, so it is easy to educate them, teach them to do tricks or overcome agility circuits.

In addition, their medium size, with about 14-22 kg on average, makes them suitable to accompany us everywhere.

border collie

Lovely with children and sociable with other animals Of course, you need a high level of activity, which can complicate your life in a flat, and care for your long coat.

Although we usually see him as a companion dog, the border collie He could dedicate himself to grazing, where he has his origins and where thanks to the outdoors and exercise, is where they are happiest.


These dogs are simply adorable. Although they can be suspicious or even aggressive towards other dogs if they are not well educated, perhaps influenced by their past as guardians or fighters, they are usually friendly to everyone and they love to play no matter how old they are.

In addition, it is usual in the boxer that they do it growling, without meaning that they are angry, as we will know if we look at their body language, with the rear raised and the front legs and the head resting on the ground or running around the other dog or the human, if it is that is playing with us.

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They need exercise and they love the company and the fun Fortunately, they are adequate in size to accompany us anywhere, although some specimens, especially males, can exceed 30 kg.

They keep their whole life his puppy character. Her short hair is easy to care for. They are gluttons, so we have to control the foods that we leave within their reach and not go over with possible prizes so as not to favor their tendency to obesity.

Otherwise they are intelligent and can learn relatively easily. His expressive gaze is another of his attractions. Ideal for families with children.

French bulldog

These little ones have become very popular dogs, although they have the downside of being prone to various diseases such as allergies or those respiratory disorders derived from the conformation of their very flattened nose.

french bulldog

Precisely that wrinkled muzzle originates a series of noises and grunts that promote laughter and give it a special look to his face, as well as his expressiveness and his small and compact body.

Its short coat requires little care, but we must be very attentive to its health, especially when the temperatures are higher. They are very playful and they accept other animals and children well.

English bulldog

The appearance of this bulldog is very funny due to its face, flat snout, its big tongue, its wide head, its strong and chubby body, it can weigh up to 25 kg, and its short, but muscular legs.

English bulldog

Loving and easy to care for Thanks to their short hair, they can present respiratory problems, just like the french bulldog, so we will have to watch them, especially when they exercise, although they do not need a great activity, or it is very hot.

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They are very accepting of children and other dogs, despite their origins as a fighting dog.

Pug or carlino

It is another of the flat-nosed breeds that, for this reason, will be characterized by emitting a whole repertoire of sounds such as grunts and snorts.

Very expressive and stubborn, they present a curious appearance, with bulging eyes, a wide and rounded face, a small and compact body, small ears and a graceful tail curled up on itself.


They are big eaters, so we must watch their diet, loving and fit to live with children.

Their short hair is easy to care for, but like all wrinkled nose dogs, we must be careful to avoid respiratory problems. They are usually cheerful and very little aggressive.

Saint Bernard

This huge dog, which can reach up to 90 kg in weight, achieved fame thanks to the cinema, where we could witness his antics as Beethoven.

The Saint Bernard It is like a bear, full of slime and with big legs, which must be taken into account when living with it.

Saint Bernard

His hair, not very long but abundant and dense, will also require regular care.

Affectionate and fit to live with children, like all giant dogs before adopting them we will have to take into account that they are going to entail a higher expense and that they require adequate space and a correct education to achieve a coexistence without problems.

Is a kind giant who lives happily in cold climates. Who loves to be with his family and make mischief.

West Highland White Terrier

Popularly known as “westie”, these dogs are small, about 7-10 kg in weight, playful, loving and with a nice white cloak which usually requires specialized care.

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As a counterpart, they tend to suffer from allergic dermatitis, so it will be an aspect to watch.


They like children and other dogs. Some can be quite barking and nervous, so even if they are small, they need a proper education. They are active, energetic, happy and attentive.

Do you know any other dog that is also super fun? Leave us a comment with your breed and characteristics !!