The best habits and routines for dogs

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We all know that dogs are animals of habit, so the ideal is to accustom them to daily routines that include everything related to them, from walks to games, food and even veterinary visits.

Let’s see what are the habits that we must take to make our dog happier and more emotionally and mentally balanced. You will see how in a few days these habits and routines are done. Do we start?

Index of contents

  • 1 Mealtime
  • 2 The importance of walks
    • 2.1 Socializing is also mandatory
  • 3 Mental stimulation
  • 4 Time to play
  • 5 Don’t neglect your hygiene
  • 6 Your health is also important


It does not matter if you give your dog three times a day, if you give him only two or if he is very old and he asks you to only give him one. The important thing is that you always put them at the same time Because even if they don’t have a watch … they will know exactly when it is their lunchtime.

Dogs are always hungry, so if we accustom them to always eat at the same time, they will get used to the schedule making their daily lives much more bearable. Just remember to always feed them at the same time.

The importance of walks

Are you one of those who thinks that dogs do not need many walks? ERROR. Although it is true that there are breeds that need less daily exercise, all, absolutely all dogs need to go for a walk several times a day.

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It is very important that we create a routine of exits, always trying to respect the same schedules. If we get our dog used to going for a walk at 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for example, in a few days he will know when it is exactly time to walk.

Not only is it important for them to exercise physically, spending their excess energy, it is also important because they will adapt to these times to relieve themselves outside the home. Believe it or not, they are so smart that they know when they have to relieve themselves.

Socializing is also mandatory

During the walks, in addition to exercising and meeting their needs, they will be in contact with their surroundings. Nature, other dogs or animals, other people, etc … Socializing on a daily basis is essential for your mental health.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is older and has become a bit gruff, let him sniff everything at his own pace, that he plays with other dogs, that other people greet him and that he does what, in short, all dogs should do, be dogs.


Mental stimulation

Do not think that because your dog has grown, it is no longer necessary to teach him new tricks or stimulate his intelligence with intelligence games for dogs. All dogs, regardless of age, size, or breed, need to be mentally stimulated.

In this way they will feel useful and loved, It is an excellent way to strengthen emotional ties with the and we will also be influencing your health very positively.

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Time to play

Does your dog not want to play? That’s because you’re probably not offering him an interesting game for him. All dogs love to play with their humans, whether it is picking up the ball that we throw at them over and over again, looking for us if we play hide and seek or smelling traces in search of the cookie that we have hidden somewhere in the house or on the street.

Games are super positive for them, they entertain and develop their intelligence, they make them feel loved and they also exercise while having a great time. Spend at least half an hour a day playing with your dog and you will see how it gets used to always play at the same time in a very short time.

Don’t neglect your hygiene

Don’t you like to go clean? The same goes for your dog, he likes to be cared for, although sometimes he gives wallow on a poop or get into any puddle even if it is full of mud.

Spend at least one day a week brushing your dog well, cleaning its ears, examining its paws and checking for parasites. It is also recommended to bathe it with a specific shampoo for dogs, at least once a month.

Your health is also important

It does not matter if your dog is not sick, you have to take it to the vet equally for periodic reviews and thus rule out any pathology. You may not see the problem, but the vet is specialized in finding anything that can negatively affect your health.

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Even doing a urine and blood test once a year is highly recommended, to verify that your health is OK. If we keep our dog healthy, we will save a lot on medicine and tests, and it will live much longer.

Now that you know what are the healthiest routines and habits for your dog, what are you waiting for to carry them out?