Dangerous Dog Toys Avoid Them!

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Playing with your canine companion is key to establishing a good relationship with him and that he is a balanced and happy dog. During those moments the toys provide an extra dose of fun and allow you to escape the routine.

But we must know that some can be harmful to your health, so they should be avoided. Let’s see in detail which are the little recommended toys for a dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Why are toys important?
    • 1.1 Your children’s stuffed animals
    • 1.2 Tennis balls
    • 1.3 Toys with stretching cords
    • 1.4 Worn or broken toys
    • 1.5 Discs to launch
  • 2 Other toys not recommended for dogs

Why are toys important?

They are a good ally for training, especially if it is a breed that requires many mental and physical challenges.

There are also dogs that have a tendency to nibble on objects, so having a suitable toy is vital to keep your most precious assets safe.

Each dog has different needs for exercise, but –as we have anticipated- not all toys are equally valid.

Among those that should not be within your reach we highlight the following:

Your children’s stuffed animals

These types of dolls are designed to be manipulated by people and some of their components can put the dog’s health at risk. The main thing to keep in mind is the filling.

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Teddies are not prepared to be ripped or chewed constantly, something a dog will certainly do when playing. The minimum breakage will release cotton balls, foam or other components harmful to the canine stomach.

Another problem associated with these toys is the small parts, such as eyes or buttons, which are easily removable. The dog is likely to swallow these items, which can lead to poisoning or suffocation.

If you usually take everything to your mouth, there are specific teddies for dogs that are made with resistant materials to prevent breakage and with soft textures that do not harm their gums. There are also other possibilities, such as dolls without fillers and without hard parts that can be swallowed.


Tennis balls

Who has never thrown a ball at a hound? At first glance, tennis shoes can seem harmless, since due to their size and consistency it seems unlikely that they will swallow them.

However, these toys are very harmful to your teeth, as they are covered with a layer of synthetic fiberglass felt. This material acts like sandpaper on your fangs, wearing them down slowly. The result will be a specimen that will age with serious problems in its teeth.

For those who have fixation with the balls, you will find a great variety of suitable balls. There are solid and indestructible ones, others with a hole where you can put food or that make noise to get your attention. What you should always remember is that the function of the balls is not for the dog to chew them, but to play with them safely.

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Toys with stretching cords

These toys are not dangerous in themselves. In fact, they are developed so that the dogs play with each other creating bonds of companionship while exercising. They also help clean your teeth, especially the fangs. It is like a dental floss canine version.

The risk appears after a certain time. With the use, ropes begin to unravel into finer strands and threads that can be easily swallowed. Many times this does not go beyond poor digestion, which ends with the chewed strands in your stool.

However, these foreign elements can also cause serious bowel movements or more severe bowel retention. That is why, if you have one of these ropes, you should replace it as soon as it begins to fray.

Worn or broken toys

It’s normal for a dog’s favorite toys to break or break, especially when they’re puppies. At this stage they tend to have a much more active, playful and nervous character, which will make these hobbies wear out sooner.

As with ropes, you must take precautions and be careful not to swallow any piece. A broken toy can cause numerous stomach problems, gum injuries, and drowning. In these cases, as much as it is your favorite, the most recommended is to change it for a new one.

Discs to launch

Although they are recommended for the most energetic and active breeds, you must pay attention to the material they are made of. There are some for human use that are not suitable for playing with dogs. If they are made of hard plastic, for example, they could hurt your muzzle or your teeth.

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The ideal flying discs for playing with dogs are made of malleable materials such as rubber. Despite everything, it’s not a good idea to let the dog play with the frisbee on his own. If they are very hard they can break them and hurt themselves, while if they are rubber, they can tear off a piece and choke. Therefore, it is necessary that you always supervise the flying plate games.

Other toys not recommended for dogs

As with stuffed animals, it’s best not to let them have fun with toys that aren’t specifically designed for canine use. It is true that there are human toys that can be adaptable, but the risks of choking, poisoning and injuries will always be latent.

A dog behaves in many cases like a baby, so you must constantly control its behavior when relating through play, especially when it begins to be part of the home.

So you will find out if he tends to be naughty, curious, obedient or stubborn and act accordingly. Of course, always with patience and thinking about your well-being. Tell us, does your partner have a favorite toy? Do you consider that there are other recreational or sports articles that could be harmful to your health?