Opinions about the Compy feed (Mercadona)

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Colloquially known as Mercadona feed, Compy feed has numerous opinions from people who apparently have not been very satisfied.

We will analyze its composition and leave our personal opinion, along with some of those collected by the network. If you are thinking of feeding your dog with Compy feed, you should not miss this information.

Index of contents

  • 1 Varieties of Compy dog ​​food
    • 1.1 What is the best Mercadona feed?
  • 2 How is the quality of Compy feed?
  • 3 Analytics of the Mercadona Compy feed
    • 3.1 Review Compy Junior rich in chicken and rice
    • 3.2 Comments about Compy Junior rich in chicken and rice
    • 3.3 Compy Adult Original Review
    • 3.4 Comments about Compy Adults Original
    • 3.5 Review Compy Supreme Fresh salmon and rice
    • 3.6 Comments about Compy Supreme Fresh salmon and rice
  • 4 Opinions on Mercadona feed
  • 5 Conclusions

Varieties of Compy dog ​​food

Mercadona feed (compy) has a wide variety of products, divided according to the size of the dog and its age. In this way, we can find the most suitable product for our dog.

  • Adult dogs of large breeds: Compy Supreme Senior Light, Compy Supreme Fresh salmon and rice, Supreme fresh chicken and rice, Tender compy with fresh meat, Compy soft and juicy rings, Mix with beef, chicken, vegetables and rice, Croquettes with chicken and cereals, Senior Light and Compy original adults.
  • Adult dogs of small breeds: We repeat some of the large breeds, but with the most adapted kibble: Senior light small breeds, Supreme Fresh salmon and rice, Fresh chicken and rice, Soft and juicy mini rings, Compy with lamb, veal, vegetables and rice.
  • Large breed puppies: Compy supreme puppies chicken and rice, Compy Junior rich in chicken and rice.
  • Puppies of small breeds: Compy supreme puppies chicken and rice small breeds.
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What is the best Mercadona feed?

Within the Compy range, it is difficult for us to tell ourselves which one seems to be of higher quality compared to the others, since they all have in our opinion low amount of quality animal protein.

However, within the brand the products stand out whose composition instead of starting with cereals, it does with meat. How for example Compy supreme puppies chicken and rice or Compy supreme adult salmon and rice.

How is the quality of Compy feed?

Based on the fact that dogs are carnivorous animals and need to be fed (with the exception of dogs with specific health problems) with high quality meat proteins and in an appropriate quantity, in our opinion the quality of Compy feed. leaves a lot to be desired.

Most of their products contain in our opinion an excessive amount of cereals, being the main ingredient in most of their formulations.

Certain cereals in appropriate amounts They are not harmful to a dog, but realistically, Compy feed contains a large amount of cereals.

On the other hand and always under our personal opinion based on the experience and understanding of various food studies, we would like the information they provide to be more specific, since it leaves many possibilities in the air regarding quality of the meats used.


Analytics of the Mercadona Compy feed

Manufactured by the BYNSA group (Biología y Nutrición SAU) and as indicated on its own website today, these are the ingredients of some of its varieties.

Recalling, that the law in Spain requires that ingredients be placed in a greater or lesser quantity on the label. So the first ingredient must always be the most abundant, although this has some tricks how we will now explain.

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Review Compy Junior rich in chicken and rice

Cereals (20% rice), meat and animal by-products (20% chicken), extracts of vegetable proteins, oils and fats (6% poultry fat, 0.4% fish oil), beet pulp, mineral substances, yeast walls (675 mg / kg). Protein 30% Fat 16% Crude fiber 1.9% Inorganic matter 7.5%

Comments about Compy Junior rich in chicken and rice

Any feed for dogs whose first ingredient is cereals, ceases to be a recommended feed in our opinion. As we have explained, cereals must be in any case, a minority share of the composition, not the most abundant ingredient.

They do not specify what type of meat they use, if it is fresh, dehydrated, meat meal … And animal by-products are the animal remains that not intended for human consumption (organs, guts, etc …).

We cannot have a good opinion of the composition of this feed, so we personally would not use it with our dogs.

Compy Adult Original Review

Cereals, meats and animal by-products, vegetable by-products, mineral substances, oils and fats. Protein 24% Fat 8% Crude fiber 3.7% Inorganic matter 10.5%

Comments about Compy Adults Original

Not specifying the percentage of cereals, meats and by-products is reason enough to make us mistrust the nutritional balance of this product. Than start with cereals not a good sign either.

Ten percent of inorganic matter seems to us outrageous on a personal level, so obviously our opinion is not positive regarding this dog food.

Review Compy Supreme Fresh salmon and rice

Fresh salmon 20%, brown rice (20%), tapioca (min. 16%), dehydrated poultry protein, corn protein, poultry fat, hydrolyzed protein, beet pulp, sunflower oil, dehydrated egg (1.5 %), brewer’s yeast, mineral substances, fructooligosaccharides (FOS: 0.71%), algae flour, source of DHA, yeast walls (MOS: 150mg / kg), pomegranate extract (500mg / kg), blueberry extract (500mg / kg), grape seed extract (500mg / kg), carrot powder (500mg / kg) glucosamine hydrochloride (450mg / kg), sodium chondroitin sulfate (350mg / kg), aloe vera (300mg / kg) . Protein 26% Fat 16% Crude fiber 2.5% Inorganic matter 7.5%

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Comments about Compy Supreme Fresh salmon and rice

If we had to choose a product from the entire range of Compy
dog ​​food, without a doubt we would opt for this or one of similar composition in terms of percentages.

Twenty percent of fresh salmon usually derives in a third of its weight once dehydrated, so we would actually be talking about 7% of dehydrated salmon meat, a low amount in our opinion.

Without percentages in dehydrated poultry proteins or derivatives such as corn protein, it is difficult to position yourself in favor of this product. Even being a variety that stands out among the others, it does not convince us.

Opinions on Mercadona feed

These are some of the opinions that we have collected on the internet about the Compy brand feed that is sold in the Mercadona establishments.

Most are bad opinions, from users who tell their own story with this dog food.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.


Opinion obtained from the canine forum dogs.com



Opinion found on the web platform meneame.net






And anyway… We could attach many similar opinions from people who are quite upset with Compy dog ​​food.


Each one feeds his dog as he wants and is totally respectable, since each one has its economic limitations or facilities when choosing certain products.

Not all cheap dog food needs to be of poor quality. But respect some minimums regarding the quantity and quality of the meats used, it should be enough for us to know differences between low quality feed and decent or high quality feed.

We would not use this brand with our dogs, although obviously everyone must make their own decision. exist nutritional alternatives that can be economical and contain a more balanced formulation.