My dog ​​urinates everywhere. Why?

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If you are one of the people who have a dog that urinates everywhere, marking all the trees and corners of the street or even pees inside the house, this information will be extremely useful.

There are several reasons why a dog acquires the behavior of peeing a lot, anytime, anywhere. We will explain what they are and of course how to fix it.

From Dogsis we encourage you to spend the next two minutes of your life to inform yourself to improve the quality of life of your dog, since they also have a hard time with this habit.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs constantly urinating to mark their territory
  • 2 Is castration the solution?
  • 3 Urine infection and other diseases

Dogs constantly urinating to mark their territory

Dogs are animals that are guided by their primary instincts and one of them is to mark their territory with urine to leave their personal scent, indicating that this land is theirs.

Its spectacular sense of smell is able to know just by smelling a place where another dog has urinated, if it is a known dog, its age, its sex and even if it is healthy or sick.

The behavior of urinating everywhere is in most cases a simple habit to indicate to other animals that this is their territory or to dominate other animals that have urinated there.

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It is mainly the male dogs that most mark their territory, the females by contrast normally do so only during the heat cycle.

dog urinating

Is castration the solution?

If the reason your dog pees all over the place is to mark his territory, the answer is yes. Castration is an effective measure to eliminate this behavior and is even beneficial for your health.

Dogs that are neutered before the year and a half of life, present an immediate improvement with respect to urinating everything. Older dogs typically need six to twelve months after castration to show the benefits (behavior change).

However, it is not a recommended solution for elderly dogs, since very old dogs should not be subjected to interventions due to the risk that they pose and also, due to their advanced age, will not show behavioral improvement in less than twelve or twenty-four months. .

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Urine infection and other diseases

There are more reasons why a dog makes a lot of transparent or dark colored pee, whether at home or on the street. Urine infection, for example, is one of the most common reasons, since it causes the urge to urinate constantly.

Other related diseases that have an excessive water intake as symptoms can also cause our dog to urinate much more than usual, even losing control and unable to retain urine.

So when we see that our dog urinates excessively, before considering taking measures on our own, such as castrating it, we should always go to a veterinaryn to check it and rule out these possible diseases.