Longer-lived dog breeds

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old dog

It is difficult to think that possibly and completely naturally, our dogs will die before us. All of us who fortunately can enjoy a dog, we know that they are not pets or animals, they are part of the family, they are our little children.

It is the law of life, nature sets its normal and must be followed so we should not focus on how long our dog will live, but on how long it will live. A dog with a good quality of life can live five, ten or twenty years … but those years will be wonderful and that is what really matters.

We are going to review which are the longest-lived dogs due to their own genetics, which breeds have the longest life expectancy and how to make our dog live as many years as possible.

What is the longest living dog in history?

In reality it is impossible to know since there is no record of years of life in canine specimens, however, dogs that achieved extraordinary, unusual longevity were recorded.

This is the Bluey dog, a dog Australian Breed that lived almost thirty years, an incredible figure for a dog regardless of its breed. On the other hand, it is rumored that a Labrador and Australian shepherd named Chilla, he lived for almost thirty-three years, a world record.

The most curious of these cases is that both dogs had a full life and function until a few years before dying, that is, when they had already exceeded the average canine life for their breed, they were still carrying out herding tasks.

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We all know that older or older dogs, as you prefer to call them, require certain special care. Do not abuse exercise, a diet with natural antioxidants and supplements to protect your cartilage and joints.

Well, these record-breaking dogs simply had a healthy and happy life, enjoying the outdoors in the mountains and feeling fulfilled while doing their chores caring for livestock.