How to travel with a dog and not die trying

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traveling with dog

Surely the vacation days are finally approaching and you are all looking forward to going on a trip to enjoy and rest. And when I say everyone, I also refer to the hairiest of the house, they also want to go out with their owners to see the world and it would be an injustice not to let them accompany us.

But it is not always easy to go on a trip with our beloved pet, sometimes things can be complicated by fear, ignorance or simply neglect when it comes to information. We are going to explain step by step how we should prepare our pet for its journey and how we must prepare ourselves to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to travel with a dog by car
  • 2 How to travel with a dog by plane
  • 3 How to travel with a dog by boat
    • 3.1 How to travel with a dog: Practical advice

How to travel with a dog by car

Although some people think that it is somewhat complicated to travel with a dog in a car, the truth is that it is something very simple as well as comfortable compared to other options. We must make some simple preparations and the trip will be very smooth for both the dog and the owner.

The first thing we must do is prepare the dog, there are dogs that have never been in a car and others that simply panic, we must go for a walk every now and then with our dog in the car. A walk around the block will be enough, we just want them to get used to the car and its movement. If your dog does not want to get in the car because he is very nervous or panics, do not worry, there are solutions for everything.

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When we are preparing the trip, we must leave a good space in the car where our furry can be comfortable, he needs to lie down and move without problems or he will feel very overwhelmed. We can put a blanket or a mat for dogs, so you can lie down and be comfortable during the journey and even sleep a while.

Some trips are very long and the sun is tightening, so we must choose somewhere in the car where our dog does not suffocate from the heat, it must be comfortable and cool, that is essential. Otherwise you could suffer heat stroke with dire consequences.

In order for us to pose calmly driving, we must ensure that the dog cannot invade our space. We must tie it with the leash or with a special safety belt for dogs, so that even if he wants to go to our cabin, he cannot. In this way we can drive calmly and safely, avoiding any possible accident.

traveling with a suitcase dog

Remember to make stops every two or three hours so that our puppy can go out and walk a little, stretch his legs, drink cool water or relieve himself.

If your dog is very nervous or is very scared of the car, your vet can give you a calming pill, it is very economical and very effective. Our puppy will go all the way to sleep and will not suffer from the dreaded journey.

How to travel with a dog by plane

If our trip is made by plane, we must be prepared so that our pet can travel in the most comfortable way possible. In complete safety, I can tell you that a plane trip can be a bit traumatic for a dog, not because of the plane itself, but because it must go in a special dog cage in the cargo hold, alone or with other animals. Its owner will not be there to tell you that nothing is wrong, so it will get scared and have a bad drink.

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The best way a dog can travel by plane is sedated, it doesn’t need to go completely asleep, just a little sedated to make him feel sleepy. In this way the trip will pass before him like a simple dream and will not be disturbed or nervous.

It is important that our dog has met his needs before getting on the plane, peeing, pooping or stretching his legs a bit is essential to have a good flight. Logically if you are already sedated, you will not walk much so the walk can be optional or pre-sedation.

Depending on the size of our furry, we may be allowed to be with him in the flight deck. Many small cats and dogs can fly alongside passengers without problem, check with your flight agency.

traveling with a dog by plane

If the flight is going to be carried out in a light aircraft, you have to be careful that your dog cannot access the front and touch any command, control or button that should not.

How to travel with a dog by boat

Boat trips are very similar to air travel. In most cases, pets must travel independently, in a cargo hold enabled for this purpose. Other times and depending on the boat, the route and the company, they allow the smallest pets to travel together with their owners in the cabins on deck.

Dogs get very dizzy by boat if they are not used to traveling in them, so it is better not to give them breakfast on the day of the trip. This way we will avoid unnecessary dizziness and vomiting, it is simply a precautionary measure.

We can also sedate our furry and that does not suffer as much on the trip, in this way he will be half asleep and will not be nervous. If the trip lasts several days, we must then request that our pet can be with us so that we can feed and walk it.

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how to travel with a dog on a boat

In private boats and small boats they often travel with their pets without the slightest problem, they may get dizzy on the first trip but they will surely catch the gustirrinin right away to feel the air and the waves on their face. There are many breeds of dogs that have a bomb in the water and on boats.

How to travel with a dog: Practical advice

Remember that on all trips we must carry with us the veterinary record of our pet, it is mandatory in many countries to control that dogs are vaccinated and are not carriers of diseases. In some places they demand the rabies vaccine every year and in others every two years, find out what the regulations are in your destination so that they cannot fine you for not being up to date.

Take leftover food with you, it is always recommended to take leftover food with us for our pet, in case something unforeseen arises or we decide to stay for more vacation days. His favorite toys, his bed, his drinker and feeder must also be taken on a trip, he will feel much better.

Remember that your dog has its needs, do not take it to a place that is too warm or too cold where it is not comfortable. Place your bed close to yours at bedtime so you don’t feel in
a strange place. Enjoy every moment with him, take it to the beach or the mountains and you will see how he has a great time.

If you cannot travel with your dog for whatever reason, remember that there are many transport companies that also allow animals. They can take your puppy to your destination to meet him afterwards, when you have completed the journey.