How to shine my dog’s hair

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There are many homemade tricks to improve the shine of our dog’s hair, from the application of various oils on his hair and skin to strange foods that can doubtlessly provide a visible improvement.

That is why we want to show you what are the tips that will really help us keep our dog’s hair healthy and shiny, leaving aside the urban legends that do not provide any benefit.

Index of contents

  • 1 Is it good to apply oils or products on your hair?
  • 2 How to improve the shine of a dog’s hair
    • 2.1 Omega-rich fish oil
    • 2.2 Daily brushing is essential
    • 2.3 Spend money on a good shampoo
    • 2.4 Use brewer’s yeast
  • 3 Extra tips

Is it good to apply oils or products on your hair?

Well, this topic is as real as it is absurd at the same time. Obviously if we apply some type of oil, nutritional preparation or even beer, as some pages say…. We can appreciate an extra shine in our dog’s hair.

However this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. By applying any substance on our dog’s hair, we will be impregnating it with crap. Dust, dirt and grime will finish that shine in just a few days.

So obviously the answer is no, we should not use these types of little useful tricks that only confuse us. We must improve the shine of your hair in a real and direct way, without concoctions.

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How to improve the shine of a dog’s hair

Let’s take action and see how to definitely solve our dog’s hair shine problem. Let us put aside the application of absurd products such as oil or beer and let’s treat the problem from the origin, the dog itself.

The lack of shine in the hair is mainly due to poor nutrition. Yes, that’s right, even if you are giving your dog the most expensive and complete feed on the planet, it is very likely that it has some nutritional deficiency.

So let’s see what foods we can give our dog so that it recovers the shine in its hair in a short time.

Omega-rich fish oil

Although unknown to many, fish oil is even sold individually so that we can give our dog extra along with its food. Salmon oil is generally the most widely used, since it contains a large amount of Omega acids.

Omega 3 and 6 help to dramatically improve the shine of the dog’s coat and fur, it is a natural way to make your coat shine more and look better.

If we don’t want to use fish oil, we can directly use canned sardines, canned tuna or fresh fish. If you use the canned options, they should always be in forget oil (and if possible, without salt or low in salt).

Yes, the fish is very good and beneficial for our dogs and it also gives them that extra shine in their hair thanks to Omega fatty acids (beneficial for health). Eye, pay attention that your dog is not allergic to fish … to see if you are going to mess it up.

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Daily brushing is essential

Do you want to improve the shine in your hair? Well, you should take letters in the matter, and one of them is brushing your dog daily.

Eye! It’s not about brushing it until your skin is red, we just have to brush it gently and delicately, always in the direction of the hair, for about five minutes a day.

With this we will remove dirt, dead hair and help to maintain a clean and increasingly shiny hair. Remember to use a specific brush for your dog’s hair type (depending on the hair type, requires a different type of brush).

Spend money on a good shampoo

It goes without saying that it is totally inadmissible to use shampoo for humans in dogs, since they have a different PH and its use can cause irritations, dandruff and even hair loss in the medium term.

We must buy a special shampoo for dogs and that is also one of the good ones (yes, it will be expensive). We should bathe our dog once or twice a month with this shampoo and do not apply any other type of product, just rinse well with water and that’s it.

A good shampoo removes dirt, hydrates the hair and also does not leave greasy residues that help the hair to get dirty quickly.

Use brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a nutritional supplement that we must use together with its regular diet. It is very good for regenerating the intestinal flora and also provides a large number of B vitamins.

It helps to create melanin for our dog’s hair, to intensify its color and to improve its appearance, its shine and its general health. You can buy it at your veterinary clinic and apply the dose recommended by the vet.

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Extra tips

In the dog’s health and food is the secret of the shine of his hair. If your dog is completely healthy, focus on its food. If you suspect that you may have a health problem, solve it first and then goes on to your diet.

Don’t expect their hair to improve overnight, some dogs need a couple of weeks and others a couple of months, but their shine will come and shine permanently.

As an extra tip, you can avoid walking through arid or dusty places, preferably walking pro places with grass / parks, where our dog stays I clean for longer.

Avoid the use of pipettes and anti-parasite collars, instead you can use chewable tablets equally effective against parasites. This way your skin and hair will look cleaner and better.

Escape any urban legend that asks you to dirty your dog with oils, concoctions or the like … they are just things that work one day and make their hair worse for the rest of the month.