How to Remove Fleas From a Dog – Quick and Without Bathing

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dog with fleas

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation in which our beloved dog contracts fleas and coincides that it is the weekend or that the vet is away and urges us to remove the fleas. No one wants your dog to have fleas, they can have a hard time scratching, they can infect us or worse, fleas can lay eggs at home and in a few weeks we will have an authentic plague.

For these reasons we are going to explain how to quickly remove fleas from a dog even without the need to bathe him, so that we are protected against this annoying parasite. We will also see how to do it with puppies, which are more sensitive.

Index of contents

  • 1 Homemade trick to quickly remove fleas from a dog
  • 2 How to remove fleas from a puppy without bathing him
  • 3 How to get rid of fleas on my dog ​​in minutes

Homemade trick to quickly remove fleas from a dog

While they cannot be claimed to be as effective as conventional chemicals, such as dog collars or pipettes, flea home remedies can save us from a situation where we urgently need to kill fleas.

Lemon juice is a natural flea repellent, just squeeze a lemon and mix its juice with half a liter of water. We can spray (spray) the mixture on our dog and brush it before it dries. In this way the mixture of lemon juice and water will penetrate all the layers of the dog’s hair, causing the fleas to leave.

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Apple cider vinegar is another excellent home remedy to kill fleas, simply

We must mix one part of apple cider vinegar with four parts of water and bathe our dog with the mixture. The smell will be intense, so it is advisable to bathe it after about fifteen minutes, to remove the remains of the vinegar.

The cedar bark is another natural repellent against fleas, we can boil a quarter of a kilo of cedar bark in a liter of water and when it cools down, spray our dog with the result. Fleas will leave our dog immediately, without the need to bathe him.

You can see all homemade tricks to eradicate fleas at home and in our dogs and even use them all at once, being natural they do not pose any danger to our little furry.

How to remove fleas from a puppy without bathing him

It is very common for puppies to contract fleas, but as they are so small they cannot be shot and we cannot use aggressive chemical products such as pipettes or anti-parasite collars for dogs.

The best way to kill fleas in a puppy is through a spray called Frontline, it is specifically designed to eliminate fleas in puppies without having to bathe them. We simply must spray the product on them and rub it by hand so that it penetrates well into their hair.

Then we can dry them with a towel, to prevent them from getting cold or heating up. This product can be used in dogs from three days of life without danger, killing all fleas and lice that are found.

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If we can’t buy this spray, we can use a spray / atomizer and use the lemon-water mix, being careful not to get it in your eyes.

How to get rid of fleas on my dog ​​in minutes

If what you want is to eliminate fleas from your dog immediately and you do not mind buying products at the veterinary clinic, the best way to do it is through a combination. This way there won’t be a single flea or louse left in your dog’s hair.

Buy a special shampoo or soap against fleas and bathe your dog With it, let the product take effect for five minutes before rinsing your dog with water to remove soap residue.

Once your dog is dry after bathing, put on an anti-parasite collar such as the well-known Scalibor, which has a protection period of three months. To be 100% sure you have removed all fleas, pipette your dog as well.

With these three steps, your dog will be completely free of fleas and will also be protected for several months. Pipettes and baths should be done monthly, but the collar can last for several months.

Remember that if your dog has been sleeping in his bed with fleas, it will be necessary for you to eliminate fleas from there too. You can wash the dog’s bed with super hot water to kill fleas and fleas, then dry it and put cloth bags with cedar bark on it as a repellent.

In this way, both your dog and you will be completely protected against these annoying parasites. Remember that fleas prefer to live on dogs rather than humans, but that they can feed on humans as well.