How to make a dog happy

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Happy dog

Surely all the people who fortunately enjoy the company of these four-legged furry, we always do our best to keep them happy. But…. Do we really know how to make a dog happy or is it just what we believe or… we want to believe?

Although it may seem strange because of its simplicity, making them happy is very easy. You just have to follow some basic guidelines and treat them with the respect they deserve. Let’s remember one by one what those guidelines are and how they should be followed.

How to Make a Dog Happy: Love

They are not just animals, they have feelings. Give them the love they deserve and you will be rewarded a million times. Play with them, give them love and even talk to them. Remember that for them, you are their family, their father / mother, the person they can trust, love and protect. Don’t let him down, be the person your dog thinks you are.

As you can see, there is nothing strange in everything we have discussed, they are tremendously simple guidelines that we all must follow to keep our dog happy and healthy. And if you have ideas left over, put them into practice: Take him to spend the day in the fields or in the woods, go to enjoy a day at the beach, enjoy simple games such as picking up the ball, hanging out with other doggy friends and playing , etc….

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