How to keep a dog’s white hair clean? Tips

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Keeping a white dog clean is not complicated, but you need to apply specific care. The white coat is very striking and beautiful, as long as it is clean, detangled and free of unwanted spots.

The use of shampoos, combs and some home remedies will help your dog to show off its coat like no other. Here we leave you the best tips to get it.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Keep your dog’s coat clean and beautiful
  • 2 Keep your dog’s hair white
    • 2.1 Brush the coat
    • 2.2 Monthly bath
    • 2.3 Coat cut
    • 2.4 Mouth and tear cleaning
  • 3 How to remove spots the white hair of a dog?
    • 3.1 Sodium bicarbonate
    • 3.2 Corn or potato flour and almond oil

Keep your dog’s coat clean and beautiful

Baths and brushing are important to keep the coat in good condition. However, before going into these details, there are other elements that contribute to the shine and general condition of the hair:

  • Good nutrition. Quality food helps keep your dog healthy in every way, including the condition of its coat. Prefer those foods rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.
  • Hydration. Water consumption also contributes to giving shine to the coat. A dehydrated dog, in addition to being in danger, shows opaque fur.
  • Establish a coat care routine. Depending on your dog’s hair type, he will need a specific dog grooming, bathing and grooming routine.
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Keep your dog’s hair white

Keeping a dog with white hair clean requires the following routine: frequent brushing, bathing, cutting and cleaning of the mouth and tears. Here are some recommendations for each phase.

Brush the coat

A white dog requires daily brushing (long or medium hair) or intermediate brushing (short hair). By brushing, you will help to remove dead hair, but also twigs, dirt and other elements that adhere to the fur during walks and play.

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Monthly bath

Baths are adequate to keep the coat white, but this does not mean that you should bathe your dog every week. As with any other coat color, baths once or twice a month are recommended, depending on the amount of exercise your dog performs.

However, it is recommended that you purchase a whitening shampoo for dogs. These are formulated for light coats, so they highlight the pure color of the coat and give it a lot of shine.

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According to the needs of your dog’s hair, you can add a conditioner to untangle and eliminate knots.

Coat cut

The frequency of visits to the dog groomer should be established with respect to the type of coat. A shorthaired dog may only need some bi-monthly maintenance, while curly or knot-prone coats require specialized care more often, especially if you don’t want to take on the work that this involves at home.

In both cases, follow the specialist’s recommendations regarding frequency.

Mouth and tear cleaning

The tear ducts and the surroundings of the mouth of white dogs stain easily. This happens because the constant secretions affect the tone of the coat, producing yellowish or rust-colored areas.

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These areas require daily cleaning. To do this, simply moisten a towel and gently clean the tear ducts once a day, in addition to removing the slime that accumulates in the corners of the muzzle.

Apply this same technique to the area around the genitals, so prone to staining white hair. Never use commercial wet towels for this, as they contain alcohol and fragrances.


How to remove spots the white hair of a dog?

In addition to keeping a white dog clean with basic care, from time to time you will need to apply some products to remove spots. Dirt, smoke and other factors can deteriorate coat color or leave unwanted stains.

Bleaching shampoos are suitable for this; In addition, you will find commercial products formulated to eliminate the rust color that occurs in the tear ducts. However, there are also home remedies for bleaching a dog’s hair. Apply the following:

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda It is popular for its stain-removing properties; Plus, it’s safe for dogs.

It is best to use it to treat localized spots. For them, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of water to form a paste. Place directly on the hair stain, wait for it to dry, and then remove with warm water.

Corn or potato flour and almond oil

Before bathing your dog, spread some potato starch or cornstarch on the coat. Distribute well using a wide-tooth comb. Both powders absorb dirt and stains.

Leave to act for a few minutes and then bathe your dog, remove all starch or starch. At the end of the process, spread a few drops of almond oil to provide hydration and shine.