How to Clean My Dog’s Ears at Home

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One of the most sensitive parts and prone to getting dirty is our dog’s ears, so we must pay special attention to avoid infections.

Surely you know several ways to clean a dog’s ears, but … Do you know which is the correct way or which is totally inadvisable? There is only one way to do it right without damaging our dog’s inner ear, so it is worth a lot, and that you spend the next minute of your life reading this article.

Index of contents

  • 1 When should I clean my dog’s ears?
  • 2 How to clean my dog’s ears explained step by step
  • 3 How to Clean My Dog’s Ears and Maintain Their Health
    • 3.1 Useful tips to clean your dog’s ears

When should I clean my dog’s ears?

Although ear hygiene is generally not given much importance, it is one of the most sensitive points of our dog, in addition to being very prone to catching infections.

We must check and clean our dog’s ears at least once a week. Depending on what your dog’s ears are like, their size, the level of dirt or dust in the place where they walk, play or live, etc … Some dogs may need to have their ears cleaned twice a week or more, while others may simply need to be cleaned every ten to fifteen days.

Ears create wax naturally, it is a means of hearing protection for any mammal, including humans. It is completely normal for a dog to have dirty ears and need to be cleaned, as its body will always create wax again.

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Depending on the environment where you play and live, in addition to other external factors, this wax can capture more or less dust particles, to prevent them from entering the ear. So sometimes the wax is lighter or darker (except infections).

At general levels, a weekly cleaning is usually sufficient. Without forgetting that we must dry their ears inside, in the same way as if we cleaned them, every time we bathe them. Dogs with mutilated ears (something we should never allow) tend to get dirty more often.

Once we have gently inserted the finger with the gauze inside his ear, rWe will make small and smooth circular movements, so that as much wax as possible is stuck to the gauze.

We will remove the finger with the gauze and examine it, if the gauze has come out dirty, with traces of wax or dirt, we will take a clean gauze and repeat the cleaning in that ear, as many times as necessary until the gauze comes out clean.

When we remove the finger with the gauze and it is clean, we will take a new gauze (never use the same one) and we will do the same task on the other ear. We should never use the same gauze on both ears Because if one of them is starting to have a small infection, we will probably infect the other. We must always use a clean gauze for each ear.

Gauze pads are very inexpensive and can be purchased in boxes of various sizes at any pharmacy. If gauze is not available, clean, non-rough toilet paper can be used.

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We should never ever use ear buds like the ones we humans use. Because if the dog moves or we do not calculate well with our hand, we could cause irreparable damage such as deafness. Nor should we use cotton or anything that leaves fibers.

There are many different types of infections, so the medication does not always have to be the same. On the other hand, there is no home remedy that serves to treat this type of infection, we must go to a vet if or if.

We should always clean our dog’s ears with a dry gauze, we should only use ear cleaning fluids for dogs, if our vet tells us so.

It goes without saying that if we observe any tick or parasite on our dog We must take the appropriate measures to eliminate it.

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Useful tips to clean your dog’s ears

  • Do not use homemade products or preparations, only clean gauze
  • Do not force, do it gently and delicately
  • Never use ear buds or products that leave fibers
  • Check and clean your ears at least once a week