How to choose a good commercial food for my dog?

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Those of us who love our dogs always look for the best for them, because it makes us feel better and because we know that they will be happy. So when we talk about dog food we like to extend ourselves and explain everything that a non-expert in nutrition should know. In this way you will be able to choose the best for your dog, making him happier and increasing his quality and life expectancy.

We all know that food is one of the fundamental pillars of our body, we ourselves can try to eat healthy and balanced or eat junk food. We will appreciate the results in a few weeks … Well the same thing happens with dogs.

A well-fed dog is for all intents and purposes a healthier, more energetic and above all happy dog. And if we are looking for a healthy and balanced diet for our puppy, we cannot be talking about anything other than the well-known BARF Diet.

barf fed dog

Benefits and Drawbacks of developing the BARF Diet

If you have been inquiring a bit about this type of natural dog food, you will have seen that it consists of feeding our dogs with raw meat, meaty bones, certain organs, fruits and vegetables. All this in the right proportions to cover all your nutritional needs.

At first it may seem quite complex, what type of meat to buy, in what quantities compared to the rest of the ingredients, etc. However, once we get down to it it is not as complex as it seems, it is all about starting.

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As these are fresh products, our dog’s entire organism will be affected in a very positive way, since it has nothing to do, not even close, compared to the best of pre-manufactured and extruded commercial feed.

The drawback, practically the only drawback, is that not everyone has the necessary means to prepare the BARF Diet. Many of us work long hours a day and when we have free time, we simply want to spend it resting and enjoying our puppy.

Other people, on the other hand, have free time, but prefer not to embark on the purchase of food, quantities, make portions and freeze them to have the whole week or month, etc. The Barf Diet is undoubtedly the healthiest, but not all of us have the time or knowledge necessary to prepare it.

So… .. Why not buy it already made? That would save us a lot of time that we could invest in other things, as healthy as walking with our puppy.

healthy dog running on the beach

Tips for choosing a good BARF diet already prepared, that is, commercial.

Make sure that the product you buy is totally natural, there is no use opting for BARF food if we finally buy processed products and full of artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Try to make it a mono-protein product, that is, it only contains a single source of animal protein. Many dogs suffer allergies or intolerances from eating feed, I think it normally includes a great mix of meat and fish.

With a mono-protein product we will be able to know if our dog is tolerant or not and, if it is, we can discard it and continue with other alternatives. As an example you can look for a commercial BARF Diet that contains chicken as the only meat source, or beef, or even more exotic meats, depending on the tastes of your puppy.

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Carefully review the product labeling and if you have any questions, contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers that offer quality products solve all the doubts of their customers. If you find a manufacturer that does not answer you or gives you ambiguous answers… doubt.

Make sure that the composition of the commercial BARF diet you want to buy contains:

  • Ingredients of animal origin, mainly muscle meat.

  • Nutritious organs such as livers.

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • A source of natural calcium

And also, make sure it doesn’t have:

  • Cereals

  • Non-natural additives such as preservatives, dyes, etc. …

  • Animal waste

Unfortunately the European Union allows the use of meats included in Category 3 for the production of dog food. These types of products are not very nutritious and are not recommended for feeding a dog.

To give you an idea, Category 3 allows you to add things like these:

  • Skins, hair, blood, hooves, horns, bristles, heads and feathers of animals fit for human consumption

  • Raw animal milk

  • Cracked egg shells

  • Kitchen waste not from international transport

dog resting on the grass

You will understand that if what we are looking for is a healthy and quality diet for our dog, we should not bet on this class of ingredients. Hence the importance of looking at the labeling of the food you want to buy. The law requires manufacturers to specify ingredients, and that is a great asset in our favor.

As you can see we all have three options, feed our dog with conventional feed, feed our dogs with natural and healthy foods by preparing the menu ourselves or buy the menu already made from fresh, healthy and healthy products from a producer of trust like for example Puromenu.

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If you opt for the last option, we recommend that you always contact the manufacturer and let yourself be advised on the most appropriate quantities and menus for your puppy. They are experts, do not feel lazy or embarrassed to consult them.

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