Fleas at Home! How to remove them with home remedies

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If you start to notice that you have more bites on your body than mosquitoes usually cause, your whole body itches strangely or you see small bugs moving around on the sofa or in your clothes, it is very likely that you have fleas at home.

Those of us who live with dogs know the risk of suffering a parasite infection, but make no mistake, it is also possible to have fleas at home without animals since fleas also love to feed on our own blood.

We will explain how to know if we have fleas at home and of course how to act to eliminate them. Remember that fleas reproduce at alarming speeds and that in a few days we can have an authentic plague if we do not begin to exterminate them.

Index of contents

  • 1 How do I know if there are fleas in my home?
  • 2 How to get rid of fleas at home
    • 2.1 Techniques for removing eggs, larvae and adult fleas
  • 3 Home remedies to eliminate fleas at home
  • 4 Great plague of fleas at home How to exterminate them?
    • 4.1 Tips – Conclusions

How do I know if there are fleas in my home?

Whether or not you have animals at home, it is possible to suffer a plague in your home. Fleas can jump on your clothes when you are walking down the street and settle in your home without you being aware of it. In a few weeks they will have reproduced so much that you will no longer have some fleas, but a flea infestation.

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The most common way to know if you have fleas is through the pecks you will see on your body, unlike mosquitoes that only bite once to feed, flea bites are usually in groups of three. That is, if you see three bites on your body relatively close to each other, most likely it is a flea and not a mosquito.

Great plague of fleas at home How to exterminate them?

If the plague is so big that you cannot contain it or it just makes you so nervous that you don’t want to live a single moment more with them in your home … the best solution is to go to professionals or start using more powerful chemical products.

Going to a specialized company is the best option, pest exterminators will ask you and your dog to leave the home for a few hours while they apply a highly poisonous gas or chemical against fleas.

All fleas, eggs, and larvae will die, and the poison will no longer be dangerous to you and your dog in a few hours (which is why they ask you to come out). This is the most effective option against uncontrolled home flea pests.

However, you can also buy chemicals and flea traps that you can use at home. But remember, those products they are also dangerous for your dog You must be extremely careful so that neither children nor dogs touch, play or lick that poison.

If you opt for the option of placing the traps and poisons yourself, remember that you must leave them at least a month. Since the larvae and eggs can develop in stages.

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Tips – Conclusions

Fighting a small flea infestation is easy, follow the steps indicated and they will disappear in no time. However, when the plague is widespread, it is worth a lot and go to professionals.

The best way to prevent a flea infestation at home is by keeping our dogs protected. Prevention is the best solution, a flea and tick repellent collar can last three months, combined with monthly anti-parasite pipettes, your dog will be almost 100% protected.