Dogs CAN eat apple – benefits and drawbacks

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If you are wondering if you can feed your dog a little apple, the answer is yes. The apple is a very healthy fruit and recommended in the diet of dogs, with some exceptions.

Let’s see what are the nutritional benefits of apples in dogs and what care should we take, as well as the appropriate amounts.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Can my dog ​​eat a little apple?
  • 2 How much apple can a dog eat?
  • 3 Apple benefits for a dog
  • 4 Disadvantages of giving apple to a dog
  • 5 Is it better raw or cooked?

Can my dog ​​eat a little apple?

Of course, apple is a very healthy fruit that most dogs can eat (with the exception of those that are prohibited by veterinary prescription in their diet).

Giving our dog a little apple will be very healthy for him, even if we give it in shell. Apples are very tasty to them, so in addition to eating healthy, they will enjoy it a lot.

Red apples

How much apple can a dog eat?

Like everything, the apple is healthy as long as we give it to our dog in its proper measure, if we give it too much it can sit badly and cause digestive problems and discomfort.

  • A large dog (over 40 kilos of weight) you can eat an apple a day, once or twice a week. Or small pieces every day of the week.
  • A medium dog (between 20 and 39 kilos of weight) you can eat an apple a week, or small pieces of it every day.
  • And a small dog (less than 20 kilos) you can eat only small pieces from time to time.
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Remember that You should NEVER let him eat the apple pips They contain cyanide and are harmful to your health. Fruits and vegetables should always be a small part of a dog’s total daily diet.


Apple benefits for a dog

Apples are a very healthy fleshy fruit full of vitamins and fiber, it also has beneficial properties for the health of our dog, since will help you lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

In fact, it has so many benefits both traditionally and for your health, that they should be compulsory in all dog diets.

  • It has beneficial properties for digestive problems, such as ulcers, gastritis or acidity.
  • It is rich in vitamins like B and C, in addition to phosphoric acid.
  • It is rich in fiber (pectin) and also has an astringent effect (yes, both).
  • It is diuretic.
  • Helps to stop diarrhea (in small doses).
  • Helps keep teeth and gums clean and bacteria-free.

Disadvantages of giving apple to a dog

Not all dogs like this fruit, so it is always convenient to start with a very small portion and wait at least a day to assess. Also in small dog breedsWe must be careful with the portion size to avoid choking.

The seeds are harmful to your health, we must avoid them completely. Excess seeds can even intoxicate them.

The apple is good for curing diarrhea as long as it is not of viral or bacterial origin, in which case you will need veterinary attention. In excess it can cause the opposite effect, increasing intestinal transit.

Is it better raw or cooked?

Raw foods have much more nutritional properties than cooked foods, but cooked foods are much more digestible than raw foods. So both ways is fine.

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We can give our dog raw and skinned apple, or roasted (once cold). Always seedless to prevent them from having health problems.