Does your dog lick the walls or eat them? Reasons and solutions

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dog licks

One of the great mysteries for all the people who have a puppy for the first time is to know the reason why the dog licks the walls or even eats them, creating big holes in them.

There are several reasons that drive the dog to commit these strange behaviors, and all of them have a solution. But we must know what is the main reason why it does so to be able to remedy it in a simple way.

From Dogsis we are going to explain how to identify the reason why dogs lick the wall or eat it and which are the simplest and most effective solutions. Before you get mad at your dog for what he does or has done, remember that he is not to blame.

Index of contents

  • 1 The dog licks the walls for nutritional deficiencies
  • 2 The dog licks and breaks the wall out of anxiety or stress
  • 3 My dog licks the wall for no reason

The dog licks the walls for nutritional deficiencies

It may sound strange at first but it is one of the main reasons why dogs have this type of strange behavior. When its body detects a lack of certain nutrients such as certain minerals, the dog usually looks elsewhere instinctively.

Although we do not believe, the feed sold in large shopping centers is generally poor quality feed. They are made with raw materials of low biological value that end up triggering major deficiencies in our dog’s body.

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dog licking wall

Use a good quality dog food It will solve the problem in the medium term, since the dog will need a few weeks to recover the nutritional deficiencies. Do not think that by changing the feed your behavior will change in two days … you should wait at least three or four weeks.

The Plaster that is normally found on walls and plasterboard contains a large amount of essential minerals, such as calcium and other sediments necessary for the nutrition of a dog. So if the dog does not receive these minerals naturally in its diet, it will lick and eat pieces of the wall.

The dog licks and breaks the wall out of anxiety or stress

This is another of the most common reasons when it comes to knowing the origin of dog misbehavior. When a dog eats a wall it is usually at general levels due to boredom, anxiety or stress.

It is very common to leave the dogs alone at home for long periods of time, because we have to go to work, take the children to school, make purchases or simply want to go to dinner with our partner.

It is very common for a dog suffering from separation stress when we leave him alone at home, since they will feel that they are abandoned and do not know if we will return. Therefore, it is important to teach them to be alone since they are puppies, starting with very short time frames and increasing them progressively as they grow.

Dogs that do not go for a walk or exercise, thus burning their energy, will also lick the walls and break them, since they must release that excess energy that they have in order to be calm. The excess of unspent energy ends up generating stress in the dog.

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dog licks and eats the wall

It is super important to walk our dog daily and exercise according to its age, size and energy needs. Dogs how Boxer or any type of Shepherd needs intense exercise on a daily basis, while other dogs like the Pomeranians simply need a few walks.

My dog licks the wall for no reason

That you believe that there is no reason why he licks the wall because he has a good diet that covers all his needs and because he exercises daily and does not have an excess of energy that must be spent…. does not mean you lick the wall for no reason.

Dogs are very curious, but a lot. Mainly puppies and young dogs, they will lick the walls out of curiosity. Attracted by its smell or simply because they want to know what it tastes like, they will do so without it being a problem.

Maybe on some occasion we brushed our bodies or a friend brushed his body with that piece of wall leaving his scent there, maybe we dropped some food or maybe just the composition of the wall or the painting has a smell that appeals to them.

Dogs are a box of surprises and if they just lick the wall without it becoming a seizure habit, we should not give it much importance.

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