Differences between the Pinscher and Chihuahua breed

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The differences between the Pinscher and Chihuahua breed are not evident for some people, especially if we talk about the short-haired Chihuahua. Both dogs belong to small breeds and their coats have similar colors, although there are indisputable details that allow one to distinguish between the other.

Do you want to become a specialist in differentiating these dog breeds? Let’s see what are the main details that will help us differentiate them. Ready @?

Index of contents

  • 1 Features of the Miniature Pinscher
  • 2 Characteristics of the Chihuahua toy
  • 3 Main differences between the Pinscher and the Chihuahua

Features of the Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature pinscher It is a relatively recent breed, since records of it date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when it was bred in Germany. It is a small version of the German Pinscher, the males and females reach between 25 and 30 centimeters at the withers.

It has a square body with an elongated head and a flat forehead. The truffle is black and the scissors bite, while the eyes are oval. The ears have a straight V shape, they fall towards the dog’s cheeks.

As for the coat, it is very bright, short and closed, it appears in two modalities: unicolor in shades of red, reddish brown or dark brown, or bicolor with a mixture of black and tan.


Mini pinscher

Characteristics of the Chihuahua toy

Before knowing the differences between the Pinscher and Chihuahua breed, it is necessary to know a little more about this dog of Mexican origin. The body is a little square, but the shape of the head is similar to an apple.

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The Chihuahua It has truffles of various colors, the muzzle is short and the bite can be pincer or scissors. The eyes, meanwhile, are round and very expressive. As for the ears they are large and V-shaped, they stand out with tips pointing away from the head.

The coat of this breed can be short or long, but only the short variety can resemble the Miniature Pinscher. This coat is very close to the body, it is even quite scarce in the throat and abdomen. It is possible to find Chihuahuas in all shades, either single-colored or in a combination of various colors.


Chihuahua mini

Main differences between the Pinscher and the Chihuahua

To find the differences between these two dog breeds it is necessary to pay attention to these details:

  • Body: Although both are square, in the Pinscher this shape is more pronounced.
  • Head: The Pinscher’s head is square, while the Chihuahua’s has an apple shape.
  • Size: Although both are small, the Pinscher surpasses the Chihuahua in centimeters and weight, reaching between 4 and 6 kilos, while his partner weighs a maximum of 3 kilos.
  • Eyes: the Pinscher’s eyes are oval, while those of the Chihuahua stand out for their roundness.
  • Bite: both have a scissor bite, but some Chihuahuas have a pincer bite.
  • Truffle: the Pinscher truffle is always black, while in Chihuahuas the shades vary according to the color of the coat.
  • Ears: both dogs have V-shaped ears and pointed ends; however, the Pinscher’s ones fall on his face, while the Chihuahua’s ears remain raised.
  • Snout: the Chihuahua has a short and wide snout, but it tapers towards the tip; the Miniature Pinscher, meanwhile, has an elongated snout with a wedge.
  • Fur: the Pinscher’s coat is abundant and uniform, while the Chihuahua’s body has some areas of sparse hair.
  • Coat Color: Chihuahua’s hair appears in a variety of colors, while the Pinscher presents specific tones, always dark.
  • Temperament: both dogs are independent, although the Chihuahua tends to want to go above the will of its masters, so it requires obedience training from puppy.