Can my dog ​​infect me with the Coronavirus?

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In the face of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, we must avoid believing most of the hoaxes that circulate on social networks. Mainly those that indicate that domestic pets can be a source of contagion.

Dogs and cats, human’s main domestic pets, can contract the disease but there is no evidence that they can transmit it to humans. That is, there is not yet a single case known on the entire planet where a pet has infected a human.

Index of contents

  • 1 Can a dog get Covid 19?
  • 2 Are the dogs transmitting the Coronavirus?
  • 3 Is it safe to live with dogs?
  • 4 How to prevent my dog ​​from getting Covid 19?
  • 5 Please don’t abandon them

Can a dog get Covid 19?

Although it is not common, the truth is that yes, dogs can contract the coronavirus, but it is not the same as that suffered by humans (Covid19).

Canine coronavirus is a virus that only affects dogs and is not transmissible to humans.

Are the dogs transmitting the Coronavirus?

There is no documented case on the entire planet at the moment, which means that this virus is not affecting this animal species very much. However, that does not mean that other animals cannot carry the virus.

We insist that until it is known, it is not possible that a dog can infect a human. In the same way that a human cannot infect a dog. In other words, it is one of the dozens of diseases that cannot be transmitted from dogs to humans or from humans to dogs.

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Is it safe to live with dogs?

Yes, totally sure since there is no evidence that they are sources of infection for the Covid 19 coronavirus. Furthermore, from the Hong Kong Ministry of Conservation have reported that contagion between dogs and humans is not possible.

Dogs can suffer from multiple diseases, but not the Covid 19 that we insist, is not widespread among dogs. However, if you appreciate that your dog is down or he has feverRemember that you should go to the vet for examination.

The WSAVA (the top veterinary managers worldwide) ensure that there is no evidence of infection between dogs and humans.


How can I prevent my dog ​​from getting Covid 19?

Once again, there is no real danger with coronavirus and pets. In Spain there is no record of an infected dog or cat.

Your dog does not need to take any precautions against this virus. You can go for a walk, play and be with other dogs and pets without any problem. Who should take precautions is you, it is only humans who are in danger from this coronavirus.

Your dog does not need to wear a mask nor to be washed more frequently than usual. It is not a danger to you or to other dogs or pets.

Please don’t abandon them

We all know what social networks are like, a bag of crap where most of the news is false and not contrasted. Do not believe anything that is not previously contrasted, thousands of hoaxes are circulating about the coronavirus.

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Pets, including dogs, are not a danger to human health. They cannot spread Covid 19 to humans, so they don’t overlap any real danger. Be consistent with your actions, do not abandon your dog.