Benefits of natural BARF nutrition

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We’ve all heard of the famous fresh or undercooked dog food, colloquially called the BARF diet. Although in reality, it is not a diet to lose weight, but a different way of feeding a dog.

We will briefly review what is the preparation of this type of food, to explain in depth what are all the benefits of the BARF diet, which can be obtained by our dog.

The Barf Diet is suitable for puppies and adult dogs, it is the healthiest diet that exists and more and more people use it, because it is also very economical. Do you want to know its benefits?

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Index of contents

  • 1 What does the BARF diet consist of?
  • 2 Can I BARF my puppy?
  • 3 Benefits of natural BARF nutrition
  • 4 Possible dangers of BARF feeding

What does the BARF diet consist of?

In summary we can indicate that the BARF diet is the name that receives natural food for dogs, which is made up of meat, fish and vegetables like fruits and vegetables.

Imagine for a moment that you must eat every day without exception the same pre-made food in the form of small croquettes, made with meat waste and full of cereals and unnecessary ingredients. Wouldn’t you be bored? Wouldn’t it be detrimental to your health?

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Natural nutrition consists of avoiding the use of feed / balanced or any pre-made product, and using only natural and fresh products, such as raw or lightly cooked meat (without spices without anything), raw meaty bones, fruits and vegetables.

The difference between natural BARF food and commercial food is how to compare mortadella with cured ham, gran reserva, there is no color.

Your dog will go crazy with happiness to be able to eat natural food and also, it will feel great, you can appreciate its benefits in just a few weeks.

dog choosing between meat and feed

Can I BARF my puppy?

Yes and no, although it is true that puppies can feed on natural foods, it is advisable to wait until they are at least five or six months old and have already developed their final teeth.

When your teeth are strong, without those sensitive baby teeth, you can be fed with natural products without any problem. Because the puppies are small, in these cases it is best to completely crush natural food.

In this way, they can eat it without danger of choking. As they grow, we can gradually remove the food in the form of porridge and add larger pieces.

However, if you can feed it with natural products to avoid falling into commercial feed, which is industrialized and barely conserves the nutrients of its ingredients.

puppy eating barf

Benefits of natural BARF nutrition

Feeding a dog with quality natural products is unmatched by anything else, its energy, its hair, its smell and even its feces are totally different.

Even dogs that are generally very anxious and eat everything they find on the street, including feces from other animals, calm down and begin to be less anxious.

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Let’s see step by step everything that BARF natural food can do for your dog:

  1. Dog happier : Your dog will hallucinate at mealtime, going from boring feed to an excellent plate of food, the first few days he will go crazy with joy and over time he will simply remain happy to eat naturally.
  2. Your hair will look much better : And it is that natural food influences and a lot on the condition of the dog’s hair and skin, making it brighter and more beautiful.
  3. Will be calmer : There are many restless dogs that, after feeding with BARF, begin to relax and lose anxiety, due, as always, to the great benefits that natural food brings to their bodies.
  4. Your stools will be very small and odorless. : Yes, when our dog eats feed – balanced, a large number of ingredients are not assimilable (filler ingredients) and for that reason his feces are bulky. When a dog is fed with natural products, he takes advantage of almost everything, so his feces are very, very small and surprise! they barely emit an odor. The dog also stops having gas.
  5. Your teeth will be free of tartar : Tartar is mainly caused by eating feed, pre-made food. By eating natural products including fleshy bones, your teeth will be cleaned and tartar will disappear.
  6. Your health will be stronger : A well-fed organism is an organism with strong defenses, so our dog will be more resistant to diseases. Dogs that often suffer from allergies often show impressive improvement.
  7. Our pocket will be fuller : No kidding, feeding a dog with high-quality natural products is cheaper than buying a quality bag of feed.
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These are the most significant benefits, but there are many more, we will even notice that the humor of our dog is much better, being more balanced.

We leave you some recommendations that can help you prepare it:

  • Simple natural BARF food recipes for dogs

Dogs with joint problems or sensitive digestion also show surprising improvements. And, there is nothing like being well fed to feel strong.


Possible dangers of BARF feeding

We must clarify that the BARF diet itself does not pose any danger, since it is totally healthy, free of chemical additives such as preservatives, flavorings, etc … Free of processes of extrusion and always using unsurpassed quality products, natural products.

However, we must be careful with the bones that we give our dog. Dogs can eat bones, but always raw. We should never give cooked bones, because they are very harmful since with the cooking process, they harden and splinter when eaten.

There can always be a case of a dog choking on a bone, in the same way that you or I can choke on eating, but that does not mean that food is dangerous, but that accidents do exist.

Our dogs have been eating BARF natural products for many years and have unsurpassed health, if you find it interesting, at least try for a month.