All Blue Tongue Dog Breeds

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Formerly this strange coloration was attributed to mythology, but today it is science that gives us the explanation of why some breeds of dog have the blue tongue. Remembering that we should not confuse this peculiarity with the disease of the purple tongue.

Let’s see which are the only races that have this curious blue color in their language and which others, present only in some specimens, a similar coloration. Ready @ ?.

Index of contents

  • 1 Why do some dogs have the Blue tongue?
  • 2 Blue-tongued breeds
    • 2.1 The Chow Chow
    • 2.2 The Shar Pei
  • 3 Do all the specimens have the Blue tongue?
  • 4 Other breeds with blue spots
  • 5 Is the color blue a health problem?

Why do some dogs have the Blue tongue?

In certain breeds it is a genetic mutation that causes the typical pinkish color of the dog’s tongue to be dark, blue or bluish. It is not known exactly whether this mutation is due to a problem in the crossbreeding or an adaptive mutation (evolution).

But that It is not the only theory that scientists shuffle, science also indicates that this curious coloration may be due to an excessive production of melanin. Melanin is the substance responsible for pigmenting the skin and hair.

Blue-tongued breeds

Despite what some pet websites want to imply … the truth is that there are only two breeds on the planet that have bluetongue. And interestingly, both come from China.

  • Chow chow
  • Shar Pei
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The tongue of these breeds may be completely bluish or simply show some bluish spots. The intensity of this color on your tongue is not synonymous with purity in the race, it is only a curiosity.


The Chow Chow

This curious breed from China is also known as the Panda dog, for its peculiar mane. It is a race that is not very sociable and sometimes somewhat aggressive, if not well educated.

It is a large breed with a territorial character, the Chow chow He is known to be quite stubborn, so teaching him is also somewhat complex. This breed not recommended for inexperienced people for these reasons.


The Shar Pei

Known all over the planet for its beautiful wrinkles, this breed of dog is also somewhat stubborn when it comes to learning, but rather more tolerant with its family, with which it will feel comfortable and defend, since it is also an excellent watchdog.

The Shar Pei It is also large in size and comes from China, although there is also a somewhat smaller and rather more wrinkled American version. They are known as sand-skinned dogs, as they are very sensitive.

Do all the specimens have the Blue tongue?

No, actually only some specimens of these breeds have that curious blue hue. Other specimens of the same breed, also with pedigree certificate that shows its purity, they have a pink tongue.

Other breeds with blue spots

There are other breeds that only in some specimens, can show a similar pigmentation on their tongue. And although the spots are generally dark or black, there have also been cases of dogs with blue pigmentation.

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At general levels these breeds have a pink or rosacea tongue, but we can find some exceptional cases. These are these races:

  • Akita
  • Doberman
  • Australian pastor
  • Pomeranian
  • Dalmatian

Is the color blue a health problem?

The truth is that when a dog does not receive enough oxygen when breathing, its gums and tongue begin to darken, sometimes showing a bluish color, a sign that the dog is sick and needs urgent veterinary attention.

We should not confuse the color that these breeds have on their tongue for a genetic mutation, with the color of a sick dog that is suffocating. Remember that only two races have this curious bluish pigmentation on their tongues.