12 American dog breeds with photos and features

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Some of the American dog breeds originate from other countries, such as Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Mexico. Starting in the 19th century, many of them caught the attention of breeders in the United States for various reasons, beginning to grow up in the country.

Do you want to know what these canine varieties are? Discover these American breeds and their most relevant characteristics!

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Index of contents

  • 1 Australian pastor
  • 2 American staffordshire terrier
  • 3 Boston terrier
  • 4 American Foxhound
  • 5 Black hound dog
  • 6 American cocker spaniel
  • 7 American water dog
  • 8 American Akita
  • 9 Chesapeake retriever
  • 10 American english coonhound
  • 11 American Mastiff
  • 12 American leopard dog

Australian pastor

The Australian Shepherd is a native of the United States, where it began to develop from 1800, after sheepherders from Australia arrived in the country. Following the popularity that horsemanship gained after World War II, the breed continued to breed until establishing the standard that is known today.

It is a medium-sized dog with a light appearance and an active character. Its coat can be smooth or wavy, in reddish, black or copper tones, accompanied by a white spot on the head.

  • Australian Shepherd Characteristics and Behavior

American staffordshire terrier

Sometimes called amstaff, this american terrier dog breed It has a medium, strong and imposing body. The ears are semi-fallen and the body short, although solid. The coat is short and shiny, with a hard texture. It can come in various shades, although the most common combination is black with white.

  • Complete information on the American Staffordshire terrier breed
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Boston terrier

Do you know the Boston terrier? It is among the small american dog breeds and it is considered ideal if you live in an apartment. It has a short, muscular and well-defined body with a square jaw.

The Boston terrier’s coat is short and shiny. The cloak occurs in a combination of colors, such as black with white, brindle and white, among others. It is a lively and playful breed.

  • Temperament and care of the Boston terrier


American Foxhound

Among the American hunting dog breeds is the foxhound, a hound dog Originally bred to track prey. Today, it will be an excellent companion for you if you enjoy outdoor activities, because you love physical exercise.

The American foxhound has a slender limb body and agile appearance, with a long and elegant neck. The coat is medium long and comes in all colors, either pure or in combination of stains.


Black hound dog

This breed, called in English blank and so coonhound, it is little known, but it was raised as a working and tracking dog. It has great adaptability, as it is capable of living well in areas with hot or winter climates.

Are you a runner? This breed is ideal for you, since it covers a lot of ground with the strides of its long legs and its musculature. The coat is short, dense and deep black, with some reddish areas on the muzzle.

American cocker spaniel

The american cocker spaniel dog breed It was also used during hunting, but its job was to collect prey. Thanks to this, it has a compact body and, despite its beautiful appearance, it is a fairly fast dog.

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You’ll quickly recognize him for his droopy ears, adorable face expression, and long, shiny, silky fur.

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American water dog

The American water dog is another breed bred in the United States as a collector of hunting pieces. Its size is medium and the body muscular and well defined, along with long, drooping ears.

This breed is kind and loving, ideal if you have a family with children. The coat appears in defined and abundant curls, either in chocolate or dark brown.

American Akita

The American Akita is a companion dog originating in Japan, but the breed developed in the United States during World War II, establishing a variety indifferent to the one that existed in the Japanese country.

It is among the large american dog breeds and it is distinguished by its heavy and solid appearance, although quite friendly. You will recognize it by its double and abundant coat, in reddish, brindle or white tones.

  • Character and behavior of the American Akita


American english coonhound

Also called Virginia hound, The American English Coonhound is an agile breed formerly used
as a hunting dog. Due to its light and agile body, it is a good companion if you like to play sports.

The breed features slender legs, a slim build, and sloping ears. The coat is short and can be brindle or brown, in combination with white spots.


American Mastiff

The American Mastiff dog breed is native to England, but its population declined sharply during World War II and was on the verge of extinction. American breeders recovered it and today it retains the same characteristics of yesteryear, although it is friendlier than its ancestors.

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It is a large-sized dog with droopy ears and a strong body. It has a short coat that develops in light shades, except for a black mask on the muzzle, around the eyes and on the ears.


American leopard dog

The last in this list of American dog breeds is a breed entrenched in North Carolina. It was used to protect livestock and as a hunting dog, although today it was a companion animal.

The coat color of the American Leopard Hund It varies greatly and it is difficult to set a standard, but the body is thin, with thin legs and drooping ears.