Why does my dog ​​vomit yellow? Causes and how to act

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dog vomiting yellow

If we appreciate that our dog vomits a yellow or greenish liquid, it is most likely bile. Which causes acidity in your stomach and ends up causing vomiting.

There are several reasons why a dog vomits yellow or greenish, so let’s go through them all so you can identify your puppy’s problem and solve it.

Index of contents

  • 1 Causes a dog vomits yellow
    • 1.1 Creation of bile by space between meals
    • 1.2 Stomach ulcer
    • 1.3 Problems in the pancreas
    • 1.4 Digestion problems
    • 1.5 Intestinal parasites
    • 1.6 Disease-Allergy
    • 1.7 Bad nutrition
  • 2 Are breeds more likely to vomit bile?
  • 3 What to do if my dog ​​vomits yellow?

Causes a dog vomits yellow

Now that we know that the yellowish vomit is produced by an excess of bile that causes heartburn / heartburn, we must know what they are. the reasons why it creates that excess bile.

  • Too much space between meals, causing salivation and bile creation
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcer
  • Pancreatic problems like pancreatitis.
  • Non-digestible objects / food (such as some cooked bones or pieces of plastic)
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Illness or allergy, many show vomiting as a symptom
  • Poor quality food / contraindicated

Since there are several causes, let’s see them separately, explaining a little what they consist of and how to solve them.

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dog vomiting

Creation of bile by space between meals

If our dog only eats once a day his stomach will be empty most of the time, when he is hungry he will syllable and this will create excess bile in your stomach.

If you eat twice a day the same can happen, even sometimes eating three times a day.

To solve it we must shorten the space between meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner must have more or less the same intermediate hours. If necessary, you can use breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Stomach ulcer

Whether the ulcer is in the stomach or in the intestines, it will cause pain, acidity and with it an excess of bile, which will end up being vomited by our dog, showing that well-known yellow color.

If it’s just heartburn we can fight it with a gastric protector for dogs, but if it is an ulcer it will be the vet who determines the best treatment.

Problems in the pancreas

The pancreas is in charge of creating enzymes to the stomach to carry out digestion, to digest food. When the pancreas fails or works below the dog’s needs, food is not well digested.

So an excess of bile is created which causes heartburn and stomach pain, which in turn causes vomiting, occasionally accompanied by food debris.

To solve this, our dog must take the necessary enzymes through a specific treatment that the vet will prescribe. Pancreatic problems cause vomiting and / or diarrhea.

dog vomits yellow

Digestion problems

We all know what dogs are like, they eat everything. And with everything we include pieces of plastic from a toy, chips from a stick or even pieces of clothing like a sock.

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Objects that are not digested cause an excess of bile, which causes vomiting yellow. Foods like cooked holes, also cause digestion problems.

The stress And anxiety can also cause severe stomach pain, excess bile, and vomiting.

Intestinal parasites

We are all surprised but the truth is that intestinal parasites are the cause of many digestive problems that end with bile excess and causing vomiting or yellowish foam.

To solve the problem we simply must antiparasitic treatment administered by a veterinaryn. Since there are many types of parasites and each one requires a different medication.


Many diseases show how one of their symptoms is dizziness or excessive digestive sensitivity, causing digestion problems caused by an excess of bile.

Many food products can cause dog allergy, one of the symptoms is precisely vomiting.

Bad nutrition

Low quality dog ​​food, those that contain an excess of fat, those that cause some intolerance in our dog or simply those that contain an excess of any of its nutrients, can cause yellowish vomiting, with saliva or foam.

dog vomiting yellow

Are breeds more likely to vomit bile?

The truth is that yes. All dogs can vomit bile, but there are some breeds that are more likely to do so. Do you know which ones they are? Mainly these:

  • English bulldog
  • French bulldog
  • Shih Tzu

The odds also increase in dogs that are overweight and older dogs.

What to do if my dog ​​vomits yellow?

In fact, it is advisable to always consult a veterinaryn, although it is also true that many dogs vomit occasionally, very occasionally, without being a real problem.

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Personally, if any of my dogs vomited yellow I would take him to the vet, just to know that everything is fine after reviewing it. But if he only vomits once and it doesn’t seem to be wrong, he would wait a bit to see if it was a passing thing.

However, if I appreciate any of these other symptoms, I would not hesitate to go urgently:

  • You vomit several times, it is not an isolated event
  • He’s down, he looks limp, weak
  • You have other symptoms, such as chills, fever, or diarrhea
  • Seems to want to eject something and can’t do it, tries multiple times
  • You vomit blood in more or less quantity
  • Your skin, eyes, or gums appear pale or yellowish
  • Has stopped eating

One or more of these symptoms, may pose a health problem that requires compulsory veterinary attention. Do not hesitate to consult your vet for any symptoms.